The Implications of UI And UX Based Website Designs

The Implications of UI And UX Based Website Designs

The Implications of UI And UX Based Website Designs

Your e-commerce plans are out for ruling the web, and you are all set to start the journey with your new business ideas. All you need is a good web-based starting to jump-start your career online and sow the world who you are and what you offer. In this scenario, the first thing you will be doing is to go to a web designer with your ideas and tell your project and plan. Many events will follow this, and you will be bombarded back with questions from the designer’s end too, about what your website expectations are demands and ideas are. So that you can gear up for that stage, and can answer questions with total integrity and understanding, you must understand some of the basic jargons of the web designing world. You should know the importance and utility of UX based and UI based web designs. You should know their implications so that when the web designer asks your opinion on this, you then have a good solid answer to it.

What is Website Design?

Website design in the simplest way means the design of a website, although this includes a vast concept. A website is designed to accommodate website content in it in the most user-friendly way so that the content is highlighted, the users visiting the site gets enlightened by the content, and the website is easy to navigate through, operate, and understand. With user-friendly navigation, attractive and nice presentation, unambiguous and non-complex design elements, when a website with full functionality in the right aspects get built, then this design behind the whole presentation is called web design. Designers, who often work as a team are amalgamations of graphical designs, software developers, wireframe developers, web design RFP writers, and on-page search engine optimizers.

What is a UI Based Web Design?

UI is the short form for User Interface. When a website is designed while keeping in mind the most comfortable and attractive interface for users, then the design is called a UI based design. The user interface in the simplest way refers to the interface or the face of the website’s landing page, which opens up in front of the user on a click. This first page presents an interface or looks to the user.

What impacts highly to the human mind is the look at the first place. Thus, the web design at first place really impacts, as goes the proverb, the first impression is the last impression. UI based designs are to lock the eyes of visitors on to the website in the first attempt and glance. This makes one attracted towards the site, get mesmerized or lured by what the eyes see, and react or respond by clicking on links.

What is a UX Based Web Design?

UX refers to User Experience. A user experience-based design is one which is framed on the basis of how users will take the experience of the website. On opening the website, the user will navigate, read the page, scroll through, find elements and objects on the page, hover eyes all over, and throughout all these actions the user will acclimatize with the webpage to operate it. This entire experience must be friendly enough to captivate the user on to the website. And this can be done only when the designer of the website has enough ideas of what users generally expect from this kind or type of website it is going to be. Hence the UX designs are meant to provide the best operating, navigating, and reading experience to the user to make the site visit a comfortable and memorable journey as much as possible.

Difference Between UX and UI Designs

There is a considerable difference between the two concepts. UX deals with the user’s experience which relates to site functionality. UI relates to the site’s interface which deals with the user’s preference for style, graphics, looks, theme, etc. Where the former focuses on smooth working and effective functionality; the latter focuses on styling and visual appeal. It’s not necessary that a site looking good and appealing to navigate will actually offer a smooth navigation and operation experience. Also, it’s not necessary that a site which is smooth to navigate and easily operable with great satisfaction will be good looking and stylish too.

How to Balance Between the Two Design Types?

The best way to captivate users is to find a mix of the two design types. Blending UI and UX design is not that difficult if you look at it creatively. Something that functions good can also look great and vice versa. But the question is, as per the site type, business type, targeted user type, etc., what exactly should you plan for. In some, cases visual appeal totally does not matter, and any site design will do as far as the site is fully functional. In some cases, the visual appeal is the first thing noticed, and even an unfriendly user experience is also compromised for a good stylish look.

Understanding Your Requirements

You will have to understand your requirements to answer the question of the website designer. When you are asked if you would like a UX design or a UI design, or a blend of both, then you will have to think about the site, what it deals with, who the target users are. If you are after selling something flashy, maybe you need UI design or a blend of both. In case you are building an educational site, organization site, etc., you may only target a UX design. Besides that, major-commerce site designs are primarily focused on UX with some blend of UI.


Selecting a good site design and directing your web designer properly to make a good format and design for the site functionality is a vital step in developing a site. If as the site owner, you do this step correctly at the very beginning, then you will always feel satisfied with the site.

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