The Impact of Web Design on Your Online Marketing Strategy

Nearly 48% of people say that a website’s design is their number one factor when it comes to deciding the credibility of a business. Additionally, 38% of people will immediately leave a website if the layout or content of a website is unattractive. This shows just how essential getting your web design right is and the role it can play in your online marketing strategy. Fortunately, this is a well-researched area and there are plenty of easy ways to get your web design and marketing right and there are always professionals who can help you along the way.

Your website is key for establishing your brand

Creating a brand enables people to quickly recognize you, whether it’s during an online search for your business or on the high street. Just think of the colors and simple logos that quickly make you think of some of the most successful brands and how you can use these same techniques on your website. Start by choosing a color for your website that isn’t already widely associated with another business. Use this as your dominant color and then choose a complementary color to use alongside it, ideally one that is similar to your dominant color or works well with it.

You’ll then need a background color, which should be white or neutral to stop the website from becoming too busy. The font you choose should be used consistently across your website and for any other part of your brand, along with a logo. If you already have an established brand in person but not online, use what you already have to build the brand so that if someone knows your business in person they’ll instantly recognize your brand online too.

Prioritize user experience

When someone visits your website it needs to load quickly and work across different devices. In fact, page load times is one of the factors Google uses to rank websites, so a fast website will help people to find you, as well as to interact with your website. Incorporating high-quality images and videos on your website is often a must, but too many on one page will reduce your website speed significantly. Cutting out unnecessary plugins and widgets will also help to speed things up.

According to digital experts at web design company Tampa, ads will also dramatically reduce user experience, so avoid having too many pop-ups or full-screen ones and place them strategically instead. This will show that you are taking the user’s experience into close consideration and avoiding elements that will turn users off.

Be aware of web design trends

Think back to web design five or ten years ago and you’ll quickly realize how much things have changed in a short amount of time. Staying in the loop on design trends and advances enables you to keep your website in line with current web standards and improves user experience and user interaction, which is only good news for business. Web design trends that emerge can vary from layouts and typography to colors and white space usage, along with new, innovative web design trends that can pop up too.

Not all of these trends will be appropriate to your business or brand, but it’s important to stay on top of them so that you can incorporate the ones that are. Having a web designer who not only builds your website but is also available for regularly updating it can help your business to stay on top of these trends.

Your web design plays a crucial role in building your brand and your brand is important for how customers view and engage with your business. Using your web design to influence your marketing strategy, and vice versa, is essential for building a strong brand and successful business.


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