Video Screen Capture and Editing Tools (plus a Skype Call Recording Bonus)

video and skype recording and editing toolsI was at a Meetup in San Francisco tonight where one of the things that people wanted to find out about was how to do video screen capture and editing. Mainly, they wanted to know which tools are available that are not prohibitively expensive or complex. Clearly this is a big need so I quickly pulled together this post in order to share what I use (as well as other popular options).

Screenflow (for Mac):

Screenflow is the main video screen capture and video editing tool that I use at least once per week. I’m really happy about how easy it is to do basic edits to my videos and screen captures (as compared to high end and more expensive and complicated video editing tools like Final Cut Pro). Here’s one example of a 7 Essential Elements of a Blog Post video that I shot, edited and posted to YouTube using this tool. Who told me about it? Michael Higashi, Video Production Expert and head of Electrify Media (and my brother-in-law). I’m a huge fan of Screenflow and an affiliate.

Camtasia (for PC or Mac):

If you have a PC, you can take a look at Camtasia. Many of the top online marketers use Camtasia for PC for video screen capture and video editing. I haven’t heard any pros or cons of the Mac version. Where I first heard about Camtasia? From David Frey.

Jing (online, PC or Mac):

Jing is an awesome tool to capture and share (online) short videos and pictures. One great usage is to create a quick tutorial video and to send it your client or to post it to your website. The free version is continuing but they’re closing up their pro (paid) service and replacing it with Snagit (see below). Who turned me onto Jing? Maruxa Murphy, who I worked with on the Business Blogging Telesummit.

Snagit (PC or Mac):

The paid, more robust video and picture screen capture capabilities of Jing Pro have been integrated into Snagit. I haven’t used it but it seems to have very good reviews.

Screenr (online, PC or Mac):

Screenr is a free video screen capture tool that allows for easy sharing online (you get a link of the video that is hosted on screener). Similar to Jing, this is great tool for creating quick tutorial videos and then sending out a link to your client (or posting the link to your website). Who told me about Screenr? George Kao, Social Media Coach.

Bonus: Skype Interview Recorder…

eCamm Call Recorder (Mac only):

If you want to do a Skype Interview like the pros, this is the Skype video screen capture tool for you. Who turned me on to eCamm’s Skype recorder? Miss Krizia of the Women’s Empowerment HQ (you can see my interview at that link).

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valentine belonwu

Hi Tom,
I never heard some of these tools but I have seen a lot of people even the pros in the blogging community always trying to find out the best video capturing tools.

Thank you for letting us know about these easy tools and I think I would share this article to them now via



Thanks Valentine. I’ll try to get it onto Biz Sugar later today and thanks for the comment!

Ryan Hanley


Absolutely perfect timing… I’ve been looking for a Skype Recorder…

Thanks buddy!

Ryan H.


Thanks Ryan. Ileane let me know that it’s Mac only (I forgot to mention that) so hopefully you have a Mac! Thank you for stopping by!


Hi Tom,

Great list of tools! I’m using Screencast-o-matic and the pro version is only $12. I use Screenr also, but there is a 5 minute time limit and they don’t have many editing features with the free version.

eCamm is MAC only and I really wish they were available on PC because the alternates for split screen interviews aren’t that great.

Thanks for the post Tom!


Hi Ileane. Thank you for letting me know about eCamm. I had forgotten to mention Mac vs. PC so I updated that. Too bad there aren’t good Windows options! Also, thanks for the tip on Screencast-o-matic. I like the Screenr and Jing options for short, easily shareable tutorials to clients, etc. I agree that for major projects they’re not adequate. I appreciate the input!

Jeremy Ruggles

Hey Tom,

I finally invested in Camtasia and simply love it… Ihave yet to use snaggit yet, but I hear great things… Thank for the tips.

Take care,



Hey Jeremy,

Yes, I’m the same way with Screenflow. It does everything I need to get videos captured and edited (or I can import videos I shoot with a camera and edit them). So I really don’t need to try anything else at this point. I just use Jing for short videos because I can share the link easily and also for screenshots (pictures). Thanks for stopping by!

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