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The Best Lean Startup ToolsThere are so many tools available today for the lean startup, solopreneur or small business. That’s part of the problem. Too many tools! In order to surface the best tools, we need to use the wisdom of the crowd.

This is the best overall list of tools that I’ve found with 199 items (as of this posting) and with 746 people contributing tool ideas or adding votes. It was started by Shyan Subramanyan using another great tool (Listly).

You’re welcome to add to the list or to up or down-vote any items that you’re familiar with. Let me know in the comments what you think of it and which tool you’ll be trying (I’m personally giving Trello a try)!

Give the “Lean Startup Tools List” a few seconds to load…

[listly id=”9E” layout=”gallery”]

Which tool will you be trying?

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    1. Siegfried,
      Yes, WordPress is great. I’m going to fill a couple of gaps in my current toolkit with tools here – with Trello for organizing projects – possibly being one.

  1. I didn’t see SurveyMonkey on this list. Great tool for market research and business analysis.

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