5 Essentials of a Marketing Collaboration Tool

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As your marketing team grows (or as your network of collaborators grows), it becomes harder and harder to manage work via emails, spreadsheets and chat messages. When upgrading to a marketing collaboration tool, consider these five essential areas as you assess your options:

1) Document Collaboration – is it easy to collaborate on a document with multiple people and to leave notes and edits for each other?

2) File Management & Storage – can you easily upload and manage key work files?

3) Mobile Collaboration App – is there a mobile app that allows you to work on the go?

4) Project Visualization – can you visualize the status of your key projects? Can you see how you’re doing against the plan?

5) Real-Time Updates – can you easily get an update without sending an email or scheduling a meeting? If things change, do you get an update on that?

See this handy guide to selecting a marketing collaboration tool that works for you.

What are you looking for in a collaboration tool?

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