AutoClipping Review: How to Instantly Remove Background from Images

AutoClipping: Remove Background from Images Online


AutoClipping: Remove Background from Images Online

If you run a private label business on Amazon or eBay, you are probably familiar with the stringent product image requirements you must follow to be eligible for selling on their marketplace. For example, in the case of Amazon, the requirements for the primary (or “MAIN”) product image clearly state “must have a pure white background (pure white blends in with the Amazon search and product detail pages — RGB color values of 255, 255, 255)”.

Alternatively, being a freelancer or small business/agency, you’ll often need to remove or edit the background of images to be used in presentations, blog posts, social media, etc. You can either hire a costly graphic designer or purchase (and learn) expensive software for this simple task, or you can use a quick and easy online tool designed just for this purpose.

This is where AutoClipping comes into the picture. It is one of the finest instant background removal tools currently available on the internet.

What is AutoClipping?

AutoClipping is an extremely easy-to-use and intuitive online tool for removing the background of an image. It is ideal for people who sell products on online marketplaces, but also for anybody who wants to remove the original background from a picture and make it transparent or replace it with a solid color.

The result is an image of professional quality with no compromise, which will impress the most finicky users. It has, quite literally, a zero learning curve and the desired output is literally a few clicks away. What’s more, there are various affordable and flexible pricing plans available, such as pay as you go, a monthly subscription option, or an API subscription to integrate the image background removal functionality into your own software solutions.

Besides, while providing the ability to easily remove the unwanted background from images is the primary purpose of AutoClipping, it also allows you to create banners, posters, and flyers for free with its Composer tool.

How to use AutoClipping?

After you create an account, log in to your account and you’ll land on the “My Files” page. To begin editing, first upload your desired image by either:

  • Browsing your computer
  • Entering the URL of the image
  • Dragging-and-dropping the image on the screen.

AutoClipping Upload

Now, suppose we have an image of a MacBook placed on a table, as shown below. We want to remove the current background and make it white so that the image is suitable to be displayed on Amazon’s product pages.


After uploading it, the following is what you’ll see in the tool’s editor.

AutoClipping Editor

The image on the left-hand side of the editor is where you’ll mark the foreground and background of the image, while the real-time result is visible on the right-hand side.

Now, use the red background brush to mark the background and the green foreground brush to mark the foreground of the image. You can adjust the thickness (size) of the brush according to your requirements. Once you finish marking with both brushes, the result is instantly visible on the right.

AutoClipping Foreground and Background marker

Notice that a thin yellow contour marks the border between the foreground and the areas made transparent. To fine tune your result around the edges, you can use the “Scalpel” tool. This tool has subpixel precision and can be used to fix irregularities in the clipping path. It can follow straight lines, corners, and curves.

Then, change the background color to white from the dropdown button at the bottom left of the screen. As the default image looks a bit dull, let’s increase the brightness by clicking on “Colors”. Also, you may have noticed the default image was of an inverted MacBook. Simply use the rotate button to select the degree of rotation (180 in this case) and your final image is ready for download.

AutoClipping Rotate Image

Here is the downloaded image ready to be used on the Amazon marketplace.

AutoClipping Amazon Result: MacBook Edited

To learn about each feature in detail along with some handy productivity tips, go through this quick guide by AutoClipping themselves.

That’s all about AutoClipping for removing background images quickly and easily. No need to purchase and learn complicated tools like Adobe Photoshop. This tool can save a ton of hassle and provide a high-quality output at a reasonable price.

So, what do you think? How do you tackle this issue of removing background from images? Please let us know in the comments below. Cheers!