Video Marketing Trends: Who will wear the video crown?

Video Marketing Trends: Who will wear the video crown?

Video Marketing Trends: Who will wear the video crown?

Everyone and their Facebook using mother are getting in on video marketing. This is leading more social media sites to start incorporating video into their API, and this is leading to all new styles of video marketing emerging.

This article is going to look at video marketing trends that are coming about because of this. Getting in on, and understanding, these new video marketing avenues can help you propel yourself to the forefront of your consumer’s mind. In this ultra-media saturated world, video can help give you an edge as you quickly present your brand message via audio, text, and video.

YouTube is King, but watch the throne

YouTube is is the undisputed, Mike Tyson level, champion of the video marketing throne. With over a billion active monthly users, there’s no touching them right now for sheer numbers. The issue is that others have seen those numbers, and think that there’s room for them too. Two other major social media platforms are trying to get in on their own video uploading platform, while a third is nipping at their heels and forth is considering.

In the past, these social media platforms have been content with people sharing their YouTube videos through the platform, but all those eyeballs are leaving their sites to watch video elsewhere. It’s only natural that they’d want that action for their own! Read more about video hosting on:

Even Pinterest is rumored to be working on their own video hosting service. This is going to dilute the video sharing and hosting market so that YouTube doesn’t have the same market dominance as always.

How Facebook is looking to take more video marketing traffic

Anyone with a business account needs to know about Facebook’s Featured Video option. This is a video which will feature in the “About” section of a business page, as well as having a ‘Video’ tab that is next to that About section. Check out how ABC News already has this set up:

ABC News

A video is becoming more important in every aspect of what you do. Having a video which explains something about your company, or shows your best product, is surely an opportunity that any Facebook marketer can spot.

Twitter adds direct video feature

We’ve all uploaded a YouTube video to Twitter by now. Twitter has taken a real strike at YouTube with their new option that allows users to capture and upload video directly in the app. This is a tremendous opportunity for real-time marketers attending industry related events.

Yes, the new feature is called Periscope. It allows real-time users to give you ‘hearts’ so that you get instant feedback into whether your content is connecting or not. Twitter has gone hyper-real time. Tap into this and there’s no telling what can be unleashed in terms of retweets new followers, and Twitter’s incredible viral video marketing potential.

Getting loopy with Vine and Instagram

We all know that Vine has been playing their videos on a loop since they began. What you may not know is that Instagram has also started this. Having your video seen once by a potential customer? That’s a great accomplishment. Having it seen over and over by the same person? That’s your brand message being memorized!

Both of these platforms are great for marketers who enjoy making content with repeat viewing potential. You can make similar videos for both, and let the loops happen once you upload. One of the first to take advantage of this was The Gap with their micro series:


Tricia Nichols, Gap’s global leader of consumer engagement, said that:

“The nature of the videos is that you get something different every time you play them. The story twists and turns, and there are little Easter eggs. So it’s the perfect opportunity for video loops.”

That’s the type of content you’ll want to produce if you want to actually get those loops happening. One with more value from more views. You may even go so far as offering hints to easter eggs, or you can go all the way and offer prizes to those who notice certain ones.

Dual purposing content, and quality expectations

Not every video you create has to be a completely unique piece of content. By that I mean you can take a blog post that is performing well and turn it into a video. Not every person who is interested in your content is interested in reading it. A growing number of people want to be told what’s going on; they don’t want to read it.

Ok, so now you have to shoot and reshoot content to get it perfect. That’s going to be expensive, right? Well, you’re wrong if that’s your thinking. The most successful video content is more informal and less rehearsed. One of the most successful videos on social media marketing was this totally professional and well rehearsed </sarcasm> video from Let’s Get Social 2014:

Great singer, completely silly topic. The backup singer? Ya…Leave the rapping to Yeezy, Weezy, and Jeezy. They clearly had the right idea though: Have some fun already, and stop worrying about having the highest production values. With all of the content you’ll be working on uploading to all of these different platforms, well, who can afford it?!?

About the author:

Matthew is the writer for the Social Media Blog, where you can find a wealth of Video marketing guidance. You can find him there every Friday with the latest news on video marketing, tweet strategies, and using Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social media marketing platforms. For the twittering type, check in with the @Devumi Gorilla on Twitter.

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This is an excellent article. I personally feel that video marketing trend is growing rapidly. And trust me, video marketing is going to grow rapidly in the coming years.

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Great article and shared!


Thanks for the comment, Reginald! Your 2 cents are in line with my 2 cents. Video marketing can, should, and likely will grow rapidly over the coming years.

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Thanks for sharing this informative post. Video marketing is really great for business promotion and we can make money without much physical effort.It needs some consistency.


Yes, I’ a big fan of how video is opening up new ways to give consumers information. It’s not all cat videos and lip-synching anymore!

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