Must Follow Video Marketing Facts and Figures In 2019

Due to very resulting facts and the immense impact that video marketing has been presenting consistently, the actual reason why so many of the marketing professionals yet so strongly consider the use of videos as the most crucial marketing tool is elaborated further. To prove the demand of video marketing content that continues to grow each year and even in the current year 2019, 99% of the video marketers have sustained the use of videos as the audience still popularly enjoy it.

This post will cover parameters of video marketing and also present facts to support that there could not be a more prime reach out to the audience other than through the approach of engaging with them via videos. It has been experienced that statistically since the year 2018 interactive videos have been very influential and it has contributed in an uprise even this year in 2019 that the internet users around the globe relish video contents greatly.

Visual Content will Remain an Important Strategy in Both the Years 2019 and 2020

On a survey conducted mostly the responds gathered were, 45.5 percent close to half of the respondents informed that 80% businesses which is an enormous number that highly relies on video contents as a prime aspect that covers their content marketing strategy. They also were determined to practice the same strategy in the coming two years ahead as well, due to the remarkable results that were being achieved.

Considerably the Most Struggling Aspect of Video Marketing

The most struggling aspect and crucial part that devises the success and failure of the video is making a great design, sourcing out unique and attracting data or content to use and then featuring that content to connect with the relating audience to gain the results that are intended to be gained.

Video marketing is so important for marketers that most of them prefer producing their own content. On a regular base though it is quite difficult to plug in the appeal and wow factor while having the originality in the visual content to an approximate 40% of marketers who face this issue. Though this problem can be overcome through content repurposing. Which is a valuable aid in the tech and advanced era to take up with as the biggest struggles encountered in video marketing.

The Cost of Producing a Video for Marketing has Become Relatively Cheaper than Before

Over the year it has been seen that the preference of video marketing has relatively grown and even become more cost-effective than before. In the years 2016 till 2017 when visual content for marketing was quite much at its peak, most of the content were composed by the assistance of online graphic design software. The intense competition and pressure to produce great video content has even added up the opportunity of videos as a marketing tool.

With an even more increase of nearly 50 percent marketers taking interest in the strategy but due to the growing market a higher accessible of reasonable prices are being presented of the software and a relatively easier accomplishing methods to produce the video marketing were determined towards 2018 and 2019. Creating an even high rift then before due to the popularity rate being increasing and the adaptable feasibility getting reducing over time.

Videos Used in E-mails as a Strategy

Businesses that have begun to implement using videos in emails as a video marketing strategy since the past year has grown 10% presently in 2019 from 36% to 46%. Providing a greater functionality built-in tools through which videos can be sent by mail as an additional marketing tactic being implied.

Videos don’t only affect the Marketing Department but also ups the game of the Sales Team. By the use of e-mail strategy being implied it is known to be an incredible manner to test click rates and the interactions via emails.

The Appeal Visual Content have on the Audience

According to Forbes, 90% of the customers have stated that videos help to assist in making their purchase decisions and 64% of the customers would say that by seeing a video it helps in convincing their minds in order for them to buy the product which most likely occurs. This statement has been proven by studying customer’s behavior pattern since video consumption has added up to increased sales and leads.

The Exposure in Video Marketing Industry

Insights from experienced marketers have placed the light on Video Marketing through their senior and diverse knowledge. A briefly but expressed love and an in-depth growth, the exposure is portrayed through which one can gain by indulging in international marketing campaigns. To the extent that vertical videos and augmented reality products can be leveraged while growing in the video marketing industry. That’s how widespread and the type of influence video marketing has in 2019.

Video Marketing Strategy Statistics

Impressive improvements have been accomplished since numerous businesses have increased the use of displaying videos on their landing pages. In 2018, 49% were practicing such whereas an estimate of 60% of businesses that have adopted these practices this year in 2019, are establishing an increased conversion rate of 80%. Definitely being worth attempting to and is also proven as a successful strategy. The more the visual content is able to grasp and engage with the viewers there would be a higher drive in the results found.

To implement any marketing strategy it is mandatory to have a clear understanding of the audience being taken on, having a well but researched and complete insight on the targeted audience is a key factor to success. Since heavy studies have conducted that consumers are hungry to attain video contents that is the level on anticipation the audience has for visual contents.

Who Mainly Use Video Marketing

Majority of businesses are using video marketing approximately two-thirds of the market and it’s impossible to be left out from it.  Even though various studies would show different results with the year changing but through an analysis conducted that presents 60% of businesses B2B and B2C in both cases the marketers heavily use videos for marketing.

Social Media Examiners agree with these statements as 30% of the B2B marketers claim that videos are intended to be a prime factor to the success of Content Marketing. Whereas B2C Marketers consider it to be crucial in order to attain success.

Video Marketing Trends for 2019 to Keep an Open Eye For

It is being stated with quite a lot of emphases and calculations from previous video marketing statistics gathered. That in the year 2019 and in the year ahead, growth in network and customers would be experienced by further pursuing video marketing.

An amazing statistic was presented by Cisco that stated, “by the year 2020 there would be a million minutes of videos per second streaming on the internet and also further contributed in presenting that 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video”.

Considering the latest trends, live videos are considered to be the most enticing features having everyone getting indulged in it. As a new trend, many marketers are hesitant to adopt the Live Videos to their marketing strategy there is an equal amount of marketers who are eager to take a leap at the advancement. Video Marketing will carry on to evolve making it crucial for businesses to implement them now and ahead.

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