Humanity as a Winning Factor in Postmodern Branding

Humanity as a Winning Factor in Postmodern Branding

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Humanity as a Winning Factor in Postmodern Branding

Being human in the present time seems like a core element when it comes to brands. Apparently, it is what could lead to the success of the brand. The audience is the one driving a company to take action in order to work towards success, but this doesn’t always happen.

Sometimes, companies fail in what means creating a strategy to please the expectations of their audience. However, the postmodern world has shown that humanity is the winning factor when everything is considered relative. Here’s why:

1. Brands Should Focus on Being Human through Regular Interaction with Their Audience

As human beings, we are social creatures that have a natural desire for communication and interaction with one another. In fact, it is so important to us that even as young babies, we need to interact with other human beings in order to grow.

Interacting with your customers helps establish a connection by letting the audience express their opinion or concern and it is also a key to building trust. When the consumers trust the brand, they are more likely to stick around. This will contribute to the growth of a community that surrounds a brand.

Taking that into account, one of the worst things that one human can do to another is giving them a silent treatment. The absence of any interaction with the customers will only send them miles away, thinking they do not matter to the brand. Ignoring your customers is never a good idea and not interacting with the audience is one of the biggest mistakes any brand could do.

It is possible to interact with your clients in different ways. Running a blog about a brand is a great place to start. This will keep your audience up to speed with the brand’s activity.

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2. Focus on Socialization as Opposed to Consumerism

One fatal mistake that many brands do is to focus on consumerism instead of socialization. Whereas it’s only natural that selling goods is an essential part in the well-functioning of every company, socialization shouldn’t be overlooked. It could actually be the one thing that leads to more sales, helping a brand achieve success.

Some brands don’t realize that they fail to be human. While many have attempted in their own way to socialize in various forms, others have yet to discover the benefits of socialization.

Something companies fail to realize is the fact that socializing attracts people like magnets and is also the one thing that makes them stick by your side.

Furthermore, people are the ones fueling a business. As such, it’s important to take measures in order to increase the odds of coming in contact with the audience. Things such as including staff photos on the social media account pages or links to a social media bio page could make people engage with a brand.

Besides, social media helps brands come in contact with their clients in a much easier way. It offers various methods through which a company can respond to customer inquiries or complaints regarding the brand. It’s a useful strategy if a company is looking to build a sense of trust and show that their audience’s needs matter.

3. Create a Personality for Your Brand

A strong personality is what can bring a company to the top. A business’ personality is pretty much a set of characteristics that are specific to a brand’s name. In other words, they define the brand.

A personality needs to be unique and appeal to the target audience. With that being said, before you begin the process of developing the brand, some research is required. What this means is that you need to know more about the goods or services you want to sell, what the brand should convey, and who the customers are.

Furthermore, is there a certain voice that could appeal to the core audience? That is the key to attracting people and making sure they stay with the company.

brand personality

The five personalities that brands could have are competence, sincerity, ruggedness, excitement, and sophistication.

4. Establish a Personal Connection with Your Audience

As a rule of thumb, any brand should work on establishing a good relationship with its audience. It’s the only way for people to grow to love it and continue to identify with it. Some ways to do that would be:

  • Using Emotions

People have emotions, and it’s an aspect nobody should overlook. Even better, it’s something that could be used in the brand’s advantage. While addressing the audience, things such as empathy, compassion, and humor could be traits that people find appealing.

emotion grid

So, making the audience shed a tear or laugh is one way to connect to them. Taking human nature into consideration, relating on an emotional level could form bonds, possibly leading to a future relationship.

As such, showing this human side to the audience is a prime step towards engaging it with the brand.

  • Speak Directly

Another way to win the love of the audience is by developing a unique voice that will be associated with the brand. Also, the customers must grow to love it. This voice should be used in all forms of communications, from email marketing to social media.

In addition, brands should not only post content and then “disappear”. They should also hold conversations with those who ask them questions or comment on their posts. Addressing people and asking them for valuable opinions is an instant win, as customers will feel that they matter.

  • Ask for Feedback

Feedback is another useful way through which companies can connect with their audience. Customers can be asked about their experience with the product or service. Thus, they can be encouraged to provide their insight and opinions and help you improve your product/service.

Also, if the company representatives share their views, it is a great way to have a healthy debate, while creating a strong emotional and intellectual connection.

5. Show Kindness to Your Workers, and to the World

Kindness makes the world go round and it is something that could win people’s hearts. By showing kindness to the workers and the rest of the world, you build connections.

Moreover, if the employer is a role model, the employees will take after him/her, which is why kindness is essential. It could also end up in the workers being more kind themselves, thus increasing the chances of establishing healthy relationships with the audience.

Kindness is a great example of humanity and can help you build your brand and create a better world.

Final Thoughts

The main goal of a business is to sell their products/services. Still, brands should also focus on humanity, as it’s one of the core factors that allows success to settle.

Showing that the employees are human and care about the customers’ needs is one way to win the audience’s heart. Furthermore, it’s a great way to attract new clients, while keeping the old ones close.

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