How to Make an Explainer Video That Can Boost Your Revenue?

Video Marketing

Using explainer videos is a smart and effective way to promote your business.

The reason is pretty simple—explainer videos are interactive and better “explainer”, especially when it comes to educating about complex topics or services.

A viewer is likely to be attracted by an explainer video than a chunk of texts over the webpage.

According to one study, animated videos can increase conversion rates by 20%. It has also been found that video explainer can increase traffic by almost 200 percent.73 businesses report an improvement in their ROI with explainer video!

Since explainer videos have more potential to attract prospective customers, there are some things you can incorporate to get the best results from them. Here’s how…

Identify Your Target Audience

Target audience consists of the customers that are most likely to buy your products and services. Defining target audience is the foundation of all marketing tactics. And explainer videos are no exception.

It will give you an idea to make an animated video that works. For example, if your target audience is kids, you can use cartoon characters to explain your services. For an adult audience, you will like to use more mature content like whiteboard videos.

It will take you to analyze gender, age, location, ethnic background, values, lifestyles, problems, and interests to understand your target audience.

Keep it Easy to Digest

Comprehension is the heart and soul of your video explainer.

In simple words, show the functioning of your products/ services in the simplest form for a great understanding. Otherwise, a viewer is less likely to spend time on your videos to get the meaning.

Keep it Informative and Engaging As Well

A good explainer video educates customers in an entertaining way. While animation is itself an exciting way to demonstrate, it is better if you go extra miles. Well, it requires you a strong video script, interesting designs, and characters.

Does It Evoke an Emotion?

A thoughtful and meaningful visual story is likely to stir viewer’s emotions. An attractive explainer video seems like a short film, yet it still explains the services and products of their business. How to make such thought-provoking videos?

It is equipped with everything, from visual motions to information and entertainment. You can showcase how a specific problem can affect their lives and how your product/service helps in that. For example, if you deal in real estate, show your users about the benefits of owning a home and how you can help them with your services.

Work Over Your Script

A killer explainer script is what you need to create a successful explainer video. In fact, it is a foundation on which everything else will be built upon.

Most businesses hire an outsider to prepare the script.

Choose a professional who can have a fresh outlook at your company and present it in an “easy-to-understand” way.

Many professional video companies require you to provide your business details first. It will help you ponder over your services at a high level and prompt you to identify important things. Make sure your explainer video script covers these points:

  • Quick Elevator Pitch
  • Target Audience
  • Problems You are Solving
  • Tone of the Video
  • Call to Action

Keep it Shorter

A length of your video explainer can make or mar viewer’s experience. Given that an Internet surfer has less attention span, you need to keep your video’s length as short as possible.

No matter how many things you have to tell about your business, your explainer video will be just an overview of your services. Did you know? One minute video is worth 1.8 million words!

An ideal length of a video is less than two minute, but over two minutes require users’ time and concentration. It also depends on how compelling your material is and whether an online visitor requires your services.

Here you need to highlight only key features, instead of showing all things about your business. And one more thing—short videos are ideal for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Less is more!

Choose the Right Animation Style

Generally, there are four popular animation styles you can choose from. Right style with compelling content will surely work for you.

Cartoon Style Video

It is a popular style which features animated characters. Such videos are not only fun to watch, but also stir emotions and add personality to your business. Storytelling is a key in cartoon style videos.

Infographic Style

Infographic style makes your content looks more professional and corporate.

Whiteboard Animation

It is the simplest form of animation that is done by an artist drawing on a whiteboard while being shot by a camera. You can add 2D character animation or special effects to enhance your whiteboard animation.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are known for adding graphics elements like shapes, patterns, and colors to animation. They are used to simplify abstract or complex concepts. Motion graphics are great for financial and IT industry.

3D Animation

3D animation makes your content even appealing. However, startups and small businesses with a limited budget may find it out of their budget.

The key is here you need to choose the one which can go well with your brand and budget as well.

Share Your Explainer Video

The more you share your explainer video, the better chances you have to get an improved ROI. Besides placing them on your homepage or landing page, spread them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Most social media channels also provide video promotion services that will help you spread your explainer videos to a wider audience.

With the help of the abovementioned tips, you can create an impactful video explainer that will help attract potential customers towards your services. It will lead to an improved ROI.

Make sure to choose a professional animation production agency to get explainer videos created.
Want to make the videos yourself? There are many animation tools available online which help you create the animation by yourself. Again, choose the style that can express your business in a comprehensive way.

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