Top 10 Tips on How to Create a Stunning Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard Animation Video

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Whiteboard Animation Video

With people’s attention span taking a nosedive, it’s important to use other marketing tools to maintain readership. This is where video content comes in. According to an article published in 2015 by the Time magazine, it takes 4 seconds for a reader to click away from your page.

However, not all videos will work to your advantage. It all depends on the actor’s voice, the technology used, quality and style used to communicate with your target audience in order to make conversions.

Whiteboard animation fits this description if you want to capture your viewer’s attention. With that, why don’t we learn more about how you can create your own captivating video.

1. Create a Compelling Storyline

Everyone loves a compelling story. It’s what human beings live for, thus it’s only natural for us to remain glued to them. This is what you must leverage on. Rather than focusing on selling your products, focus on telling a story using your product.

However, this is where most people fail because they focus on the product’s features. The best way to go about it is by focusing on the audience’s problems and how your product or service will solve them. This way, you’ll capture their attention and eventually convert them into customers.

2. Create the Characters

Characters bring life into the video. They represent the glue that binds your story and provides continuity. Again, your audience must feature in the characters. What is your buyer persona? Once you understand this, create the characters around them to create a stronger bond.

As a result, your videos will remain memorable and engaging with an added personal touch.

3. Use the Basics

Three fundamentals make up whiteboard videos. The hand, the black drawing, and the white background. You’ll learn more about this in a while, but keep them in mind because they form all whiteboard animation videos.

They provide style which makes the video recognizable. While you can add a personal touch to the video, the three fundamentals remain static.

4. Add Color (Not too much though)

We talked about a black drawing on a whiteboard. This makes the animation black and white, but it doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal touch by adding some color.

However, you must be careful not to use too much color lest it becomes cluttered. In addition, if you intend on using color use brand colors. This will make your brand alive in the video, thus creating brand awareness.

5. Back to the Drawing Hand

Whiteboard videos are all about real-time artistic drawings which tell a story. This you can do in a number of ways including using technology or the traditional method. Nevertheless, one thing doesn’t change though, the drawing hand.

Again, whiteboard animation is all about artistic hand drawings. Without the hand, then you can’t call it a whiteboard video. Everything in the video must appear to be hand drawn. For this reason, always include the drawing hand in the video.

6. Appeal to the Audience’s Emotions

Whiteboard animation embodies simplicity. It’s one of its advantages. To breakdown complex messages into understandable bits. In particular, you can use emotions to appeal to your audience. Remember, human beings are bound by emotions. It’s what defines us.

As we said, storytelling is powerful and with emotions thrown in the mix, you can evoke emotions and memories in your audience. This will work to your advantage because the audience will relate to your brand every time they see the video.

7. Inform Your Audience

From a compelling storyline to the crisp drawings and interesting characters, this is what makes the best entertainment. In fact, entertainment attracts and retains people and if you have informative content, they’ll pick it up fast.

Indeed, according to a study conducted by Dr. Richard Wiseman in 2012, you can increase your audience’s memory by up to 22%. Therefore, you can see why whiteboard videos have such power if you put great effort into it.

8. Recite Your Script

Scripts are important to get a clear picture of what you intend to say to your audience. However, you may not know how to say it until you recite the script out loud. In addition, you’ll hear the intonation, voice reflection and stress on specific words first hand.

This will allow you to make necessary changes in order to sound as natural as possible in order to connect with the audience. Practice makes perfect!

9. Let the Drawings Flow and Interconnect

Whiteboard videos are interconnected and flowing drawings. This way, you keep your audience hooked trying to figure out what will come next. You see, these videos are more like movies only this time the characters are drawn.

Your audience will follow the drawings from start to finish, therefore, it’s vital all drawings flow and interconnect so you don’t lose the audience in the story.

However, since mistakes are inevitable, you may erase the board a few times, but try and minimize the mistakes to keep your audience locked. You can also consider digital whiteboard videos which let you work on a bigger canvas and displays your drawings as more professional.

10. Seek Professionals

You can never compromise on the video quality, otherwise, your brand will take the hit and this is not good for business.

As such, take time to identify reputable professionals in the whiteboard animation industry. They will translate your complex ideas into an understandable and digestible video.

Wrapping Up

Whiteboard videos are powerful marketing tools, which you can use to build brand awareness. This is thanks to their short length and focused detail. Of course, other types of content exist which you can employ to relay your message, but whiteboard videos beat them all. Here you can learn more about how you can create your own captivating whiteboard video.

This animation style video seeks attention and since they differ from others in character, production, and story-telling, they have a better appeal and retain audiences for a longer period.

If you haven’t used whiteboard animation, then you should give it a try!