Close Sales with These 9 Marketing Video Types

Close Sales with These 9 Marketing Video Types

Video Marketing

Did you know that more video content is being uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. TV networks have created in 30 years? As incredible as it sounds, this statement leads to one main conclusion: people love online videos.

Being a marketer, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to boost your sales with the benefits videos offer. With that purpose, in this article, we will review the most popular video content types and analyze how and why they fit into your buyer’s journey to ultimately convert into sales.

1. Educational Videos

Before each of us makes a buying decision, we need information. We live in the era of information and content marketing is no stranger to this. That’s why educational videos can be a great asset to your business.

Consumers want to receive the most valuable solutions for their money, this is why educating your audience can help them and you as well.

With an educational video, you can dig into your potential buyer’s pain points and teach them their solutions. Because of this, educational videos fit perfectly into the Buyer’s Journey. And speaking about educational videos here’s one explaining how this process works:

Videos can be a great way to help buyers as they are a super instructive means of communication! But besides being educational, they improve awareness. As they are easier to distribute and share than other types of marketing videos, they tend to have better engagement rates, thus spreading brand knowledge and remembrance. Blogs, guest blogging, and social media are ideal spots for educational videos.

Finally, educational videos rank better organically than most other types of video content, both on YouTube and Google. If you are interested in the subject, you can learn how to rank number one on YouTube with this case study, which is an example of an educational video as well.

2. Product Videos

Product videos are thorough in the explanation of your product’s features because they dive into detail about what your product or service can do.

A product video can be great if you have a techie or complex solution and previously left your prospects wanting to know more with an explainer video. Maybe this is why businesses in high tech and professional service industries are publishing the largest number of new videos every month.

Apart from increasing sales as a consequence of better communicating your value proposition, product videos enhance brand trust because they help your audience better understand how you sustain your brand promise.

For these reasons, product videos are ideal for this stage of the sales funnel. They have the persuasion power for people to choose your product and are key to a successful video marketing campaign!

4. Company Videos

Company videos are intended to give viewers a backstage pass: they show an insider’s look at the company that makes the product.

For this reason, they don’t expire quickly and are truly empathetic. Organizations are composed of people with personalities, values and a vision that sustains the company culture. Who could give a better statement of the company than themselves?

Because they connect on an emotional level, company videos help boost engagement. As a result, they will improve brand trust and remembrance.

Company videos build a bond which is crucial for potential customers to make the buying decision. This is why they are best placed at the decision stage of the sales funnel.

See how creative a company video can get!

5. Animated Explainer Videos

Marketing brands are becoming more and more of a challenge. The more information there is online, the shorter the attention spans. For this reason, it is harder for people to stay focused.

If you are marketing your business online, it is a no-brainer that you need to make engaging content to keep visitors on your landing page or website. But as long as there are videos, there is hope. You can easily keep people focused on your product or service by making an explainer video.

The best way you can take advantage of an animated explainer video is in the middle of the sales funnel. At this point, your prospects will start evaluating the brands that solve their problem. If you have your leads hooked, you can tell them what your product or service is all about through an explainer video, which will help them understand that you are the best solution to their problem.

Because of their high engagement rates, explainer videos will keep your visitors on your website for longer. This will meaningfully lower your bounce rate by as much as 34 percent, also known as the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave (“bounce”).

7. FAQ Videos

Who hasn’t visited an FAQ section on the web? Even better than that, you can answer your client’s frequent questions with an FAQ video.

Their purpose is to clear doubts before interested people contact a salesman. This will result in better-educated prospects and, as a bonus, faster selling times. Not to mention that being super appealing, a video will invite your prospects to engage with your FAQ’s more than text.

For better results, an FAQ video can be broken down into several mini videos and be delivered through email marketing, a series of social media posts or even a YouTube playlist.

9. Customer Testimonial Videos

The most valuable information comes from experience. That’s why people appreciate customer testimonial videos so much: people love listening to others’ opinions because they feel unbiased and can relate to them. The great news for marketers is 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Customer testimonials are the best-taken advantage of in the decision stage of your sales funnel, as potential clients will be looking for referrals and making up their minds between the different options available.

What is best about the video format is that it accounts for total transparency: it lets you see people expressing their thoughts and opinions freely, this is why testimonial videos provide a huge lift in brand trust.

11. How-To Videos

How-to-videos are step by step guides that help you do something: their objective is to show task-focused types of content.

One of the main advantages is how-to-videos are incredibly adaptable. You can give them an educational approach to enhance brand awareness or make them more of a product video, stressing how to solve your buyer’s problem. In this case, it will boost sales directly.

Having your own how-to video is key to gaining brand awareness on YouTube, Google, your website and other valuable online sources.

12. Social Media Videos

The popularity of social media is undeniable, that is why your brand shouldn’t miss the chance to reach people on these platforms.

Before considering social media for videos, think about your specific audience on each platform. They all offer insights for businesses, which can be of great help. For instance, you might find that Facebook users are tolerant to videos with text, whereas Instagram users prefer cleaner content.

What is more, social media videos can cover every stage of the buyer’s journey. Paid video posts can invite strangers of your business to get to know you while remarketing videos tend to aim towards long-time followers to show how they can best benefit from their purchase or offer special discounts for their next one.

In this series of short videos, a man spontaneously decides to adopt a puppy. Their interactions are funny, amusing and subtly communicate puppies should only eat specially made puppy food.

13. Commercials

Commercial videos are the most traditional type. Known by everyone, they arose in the classic era of advertising.

Their effectivity lies in their capacity to directly making sales, but nowadays marketing has changed and so has its rules: their main problem is that the content they display is not useful to the audience.

This is why commercials will only be effective if you invest money in advertising them. As soon as you stop the investment, they will cease to work. Optimize your budget by staying aware of your return on investment in the short term. As long as you see it as profitable, go for it!

As you can see, videos can be tightly aligned with every stage of the buyer’s journey and complement each other if they are used wisely. Not to mention the fact that a professional video can be planned for the long-term and published on several different platforms.

We hope this guide has given you a few ideas to boost your creativity when planning profitable videos for your business. Happy videoing!

Author Bio:

Víctor Blasco is the founder and CEO of the explainer video company Yum Yum Videos. He is also an audiovisual designer and video marketing expert. Aside from running the business, he loves studying Chinese Philosophy and is a real geek for science fiction films and comics!

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