How to Add a Video to Your WordPress Blog

In this short video I’ll show you how to add a video to your WordPress Blog.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Find the video in YouTube
  • Click “share” at the bottom of the video
  • Click the “embed” button
  • Copy the code that you find there (you can adjust sizes to fit your site)
  • Create a new post or page and go the HTML side of the editor (not visual)
  • Write a short intro like I did here
  • Paste the code into the “html” section
  • Publish and you’re done!

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Hi Tom, this is a great tip. I find that a lot of my readers were confused about how to use the embed code and what all the different options are. I did a post recently showing 3 ways to embed videos on WordPress. I’ll leave a link in CommentLuve and hHopefully you will have a chance to take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks for the video Tom.

Tom Treanor

Hi Ileane,
Yes, that’s a really nice resource. Thanks for tipping me off about it!

Ryan Hanley


I always use the Old Code Embed… I’ve read on Search Engine Journal and SEOMoz that Google Search identifies and indexes the “Old Code” at a higher rate than using the shortcode or a plugin.

Thoughts on this?

Ryan H.

Tom Treanor

Hey Ryan,
Thanks for letting me know about the embed code SEO benefits. It makes sense – the more information you can give Google the better but I didn’t know this point. I appreciate the comment.

Donna Wilson

Hi Tom,
Thanks for your clear, helpful tips! Very informative, with easy-to-follow steps. I’m going to check out your other blog posts, as well!


Tom Treanor

Thanks Donna and I’m glad I could help!


Thanks for the helpful information. My VA normally does this for me. Now I know exactly what to do as well.

Tom Treanor

Hi Laureen – Yes, it’s good to know how it works just in case!

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