Five Twitter Accounts That Give Great Customer Service

Companies using Twitter for Customer Support

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Companies using Twitter for Customer ServiceBy Alexis Caffrey

The sheer success of Twitter’s recent initial public offering (IPO) on Wall Street highlights the significance of the niche that this micro-blogging and messaging social network has managed to carve for itself. At a time when 53% of all businesses in the United States are using social media as a customer service channel, it’s time to take a look at the companies who are succeeding with Twitter as a primary customer service platform.

The best practices and interactions used by the companies below go a long way with regard to extending their brand and showcasing their commitment to providing excellent customer service:


The @ComcastCares account is legendary among Twitter customer service analysts. The company’s motto on Twitter is “We Are Here to Make It Right,” and it shows. Whenever a customer tweets for help, a representative pops up immediately and provides a link to go on a more private channel if the issue requires doing so. Otherwise, short and practical instructions are given on the spot. Resetting a router or getting the right telephone number for billing can be solved in just a couple of tweets.

Comcast Twitter Customer Support


Personal computer giant Dell has more than 30 Twitter accounts for different purposes. @DellCares encourages direct messaging, but they are not shy about dispensing valuables nuggets of advice and interesting information (such as a link that takes visitors to a full service manual for the Alienware gaming platforms). Dell is also known for its great hardware deals; to this end, the @DellOutlet account never disappoints with great coupons and special offers.

Dell Customer Support on Twitter


As a major telecommunications service provider, has many customer service areas to be mindful of (TV, Internet, wireless, phone etc.). In an effort to consolidate all its customer service functions for television, cell phone and Internet issues, the company uses the @VerizonSupport account, but it will also provide service across other accounts such as @VerizonWireless and @VerizonEnterprise.

For public relations, Verizon’s command of the #PowerfulAnswers Twitter hashtag allows the company to showcase how technology can improve our world. They also have a low deflection rate: According to a survey by Conversocial, Verizon bounces the fewest amount of tweeters to phone/email customer service, which leads to a higher amount of issues resolved in one interaction.

Verizon Twitter Customer Support


This online footwear store is mentioned in hundreds of case studies about how social media should be leveraged in relation to customer service. Although Facebook is where Zappos really shines, Twitter (@Zappos_Service) is not far behind and catching up very fast. The CEO is also very active on Twitter (@Zappos), which is always refreshing and reassuring to customers who are looking for service.

Zappos customer support on Twitter


An Xbox has a lot of different uses, which means that this gaming console can come with a lot of questions. Follow @XboxSupport, and you’ll find that no complaint is too small for its team of technical experts to handle. The support team does a good job of reaching out to customers – even if they can’t offer an immediate solution to a problem, like an outage:

Xbox customer service on Twitter

These Twitter accounts are just a sampling of the big businesses that are trying to connect to its customers on a more direct, personal level. Hopefully more and more large companies continue to try and give a small-town feel through Twitter.

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