18 Great Twitter Marketing Campaigns


Twitter’s audience is virtually unlimited, and it’s a great tool for businesses to reach its customers. Do you think that creating viral marketing campaigns is easy? Well, just on the contrary! So we’ve gathered some amazing examples of the year where brands got it going and achieved high publicity.

1. LG

LG was faced with some issues in their smartphone sales to teens. The marketing team chose to set up a Twitter treasure hunt to boost publicity of the company’s mobile devices among this age group. The idea was great and simple, as there would be an LG stall in a given city which should be found. The first person to reach it got two concert tickets. LG decided to place an online map that became more detailed whenever anyone used the hashtag #lgtickethunter on Twitter.

They were able to merge fun with activities to get valuable prizes, and therefore LG ensured a large reach in their target audience, namely, over 50 000 tweets throughout the campaign. It quadrupled the smartphone sales for months after the campaign end.

2. Taco Bell

Improving brand awareness is another way to promote your business using Twitter. Not all companies can focus on expensive prizes, as for example, Taco Bell is a mass market fast food chain. So it had to do it differently, and they employed professional conversational to engage with influential followers in a public chat. Through mentions of the brand hashtag, re-tweets and recommendations by influencers, the chain was able to publicize its product to a wider audience.

By humanizing a large corporate chain and using trending hashtags the company was able to accumulate over 600 000 followers on Twitter, which is more than double of any of the competition.

3. Fiat – Too Fast to Follow

Fiat Company came up with a genuinely unique strategy to their SMM on the German market. Instead of communicating with their followers, they actually shut them out. They claimed that the vehicle was “too fast to follow”.
The campaign made a splash and Twitter followers started queuing up to be shut out by the Abarth 500. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to estimate even the ballpark number of the followers.

4. Mercedes – You Drive

Diving deeper into the car industry, let’s take a look at the last year’s Mercedes campaign. They turned to Twitter to create some buzz around their TV commercial. After a 30-second movie where they filmed an action-packed car chase, they allowed their Twitter subscribers to vote for the possible story ending. And most exciting – the winning scenario was announced during the next episode of ‘The X Factor’.

The commercial triggered much buzz thanks to the active participation of the consumers in it. In fact, it’s an amazing example of how coupling TV and social media brings your brand the edge.

5. Ben and Jerry’s Fair Tweets

To raise public awareness, Ben and Jerry started a clever campaign after they had switched to fair-trade products. What they did was a simple application that allowed customers to tweet straight from their web page. In case the tweet was less than 140 characters, they used the space left to advertise Fair Trade.

As a result, the users contributed more than half-million letters and digits, which helped widespread the #FairTweets hashtag across the globe. With users as the main force of the campaign, Ben and Jerry tapped into over 100,000 fans.

Sometimes going overly creative can cause lots of problems and we wouldn’t advise you to mix cake with blood and a Tweeting dog on top of it. If you want to get to know more on this issue, feel free to read more on viral marketing techniques but the following companies nailed it and their creative side made their brands stand out from the crowd.

6. NHS Blood Drive

The biggest blood donation campaign is fabulously executed and uses @GiveBloodNHS to promote the cause. People and brands use the hashtag and remove the As, Bs and Os from their names to show support for the all-important cause.

7. Adidas show off

@AdidasUK made it a Twitter trend to showcase various great ways people wear and style their Adidas clothes at Notting Hill Carnival. Everyone’s wearing your brand – that’s a dream come true for every company.

8. Virgin Media #BeTheFastest campaign

@virginmedia have cooperated with the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, to create a dance-packed Moment, which is a brand new feature on Twitter. They also employed hot YouTube videos to boost their campaign. A great example of using latest online options to better your marketing stance!

9. Volkswagen

Another case when a global brand used Moments to the fullest to support its Twitter campaign with images, videos, polls via @Volkswagen.

10. #BakeOn challenges by Tesco

@BritishBakeOff is famous cooking show and it is back in the UK. Its main partner is a local food-store chain @Tesco which is encouraging people to get active and take part in weekly food challenges especially for #GBBO fans.

11. Ballantines

You probably won’t put the two together, but @Ballantines whisky used an aubergine emoji in its Twitter campaign, which was a rather dangerous combination. But they made it work and created a cool service. Simply tweet #WhiskyEmoji and get back a unique animation created by a team of brilliant artists, aubergine included.

12. Oasis

Crazy good ideas come when @Oasis_Drinks decides to offer a DNA decoder to help you choose the right beverage specifically for you. It’s quite exciting that Twitter can be combined with the latest research in a fun and engaging way.

13. BP Paralympics Partnership

Creating heartwarming campaigns on Tweeter is another way to boost customer loyalty. With Paralympics in Rio @BP_UK created an awareness campaign to promote the events.

Another large chunk of marketing this year was directed at #EURO2016 campaigns. The brands are adapting to the new means of being creative with Twitter, and some are seeing great success, particularly during such a global event such as #EURO2016 when global customers are highly engaged.

We looked at the volume of Tweets and got some of the most successful ones that built their promo campaigns on the #EURO2016 hashtag.

14. #OrangeSponsorsYou is an official sponsor of #EURO2016 , and they create a teaser campaign before the tournament with Zinedine Zidane. The goal was to raise enough tweets with the hashtag in support to open exclusive content with the football celebrity.

Moreover Orange asked fans to include their country hashtag in the Tweet and the more Tweets each country got, the more time the Eiffel Tower would be lit up with your country flag.

15. #GetIn by Vauxhall motor company

#Vauxhall being a leading motor brand in the UK and with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland qualifying for #EURO2016, the company employed Twitter to reach out to its fan-base in a unique way. Twitter doesn’t end with short messages. @Vauxhall used Niche, a platform that encompasses over 30,000 digital creators in Great Britain. The end result was a live report from football venues in an artistic and positive way.

Twitter also recently launched Moments feature in England, and @Vauxhall had another chance to improve its storytelling technique by employing a visual canvas during the England vs. Wales match.

16. #tifiamoinsieme (Coca-Cola Italy)

Coca-Cola has always been supporting sporting events, and the company’s Italian division @CocaColaITA showed off its creative side during #EURO2016. As many fans are quite busy with their daily lives and the soccer tournament schedule is quite tricky to keep up with, they offered fans to re-Tweet their message to get a reminder before the match with a funny GIF. But that’s not it as Coca-Cola took it a step further. By clicking on any of their Tweets fans were able to get all #EURO2016 fixtures of the Italian national team into their calendar. By all means, this was an innovative campaign aligned with the hashtag #tifiamoinsieme (Let’s support together).

17. Football comes with #ThisBudsForYou

Budweiser is a global beer brand with an audience passionate about soccer, so it was reasonable to partner with Twitter and use the #EURO2016 hashtag. It used video clips on TV and Twitter to promote the brand. Budweiser also signed a custom emoji with the hashtag #ThisBudsForYou to celebrate sportsmanship success with fans.

18. #CarrefourTifaAzzurro by Top Management

Carrefour’s top management employed Twitter followers from Italy during the #ITA’s football tournament journey. They used this opportunity to show real humans behind this store and employed such features as GIFs and various animations. By having this kind of direct conversation with customers, the engagement with fans was fantastic.
All of these examples show that a simple tool like Twitter can inspire a creative genius. You can also read some advice on branding yourself personally at this StudentShare blog post.

Finally, we look forward to the next promo campaigns to see how brands and companies continue to employ Twitter in their marketing efforts. Twitter is also constantly evolving, adding features like Moments to boost social media engagement, so the process is not static, and many new more things are to be discovered and invented to create great Twitter marketing campaigns.

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