10 Strange Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter

10 Strange Things You Didn't Know About Twitter

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1) Billions of Tweets!

Twitter started off pretty slowly. It took a total of 3 years, 2 months, and one day to get to the one billionth tweet being sent from the day Twitter first started. Twitter now averages OVER 1 billion tweets sent per WEEK!

2) Twitter is not dominated by the USA

You’d think that since the USA is so technologically inclined, and that Twitter started there, that most of Twitter’s users who be right in the US. This isn’t the case at all! In fact, around 65-70% of Twitter’s users are based outside of the US. The most popular countries for Twitter, and the percentage of total users they have, include:

  • Japan 9.3%
  • Indonesia 6.5%
  • UK 5.6%
  • Brazil 4.3%

If you thought Twitter was busy now, imagine all those tweets in different languages that you’re not seeing.

3) Katy Perry runs the world

Katy Perry currently has 69.1 million followers, the most out of anyone else…including President Barack Obama! That sounds like an empty statistic until you start to think of it like this:

  • Katy Perry has more Twitter followers listening to her than the Presidents of France, England, Italy, South Africa, and Spain have citizens following them.

Now the questions is…could Katy Perry be elected President of her own country? I’d live there if it was like the Candy Land in her ‘California Girls’ video.

10 Strange Things You Didn't Know About Twitter

4) The competition for most retweeted isn’t even close

Nearly everyone has seen the most retweeted tweet of all time. It was an image taken by Ellen (Ok, by Bradley Cooper, but sent on Ellen’s account) at the Oscars in 2014:

The photo didn’t happen by accident as Ellen had been hyping it up on her show for some time. I feel like she cheated a little by pushing for it on TV, rather than staying to Twitter. As you can see, her strategy worked as it has over 3.3 million retweets!

The next most retweeted tweet of all time has about 2.6 million fewer tweets, but it didn’t benefit from a TV show pushing it. Just a Presidential run:

I prefer this one as it happened the way it should – spontaneously on Twitter with no hype from the parties directly involved. There are a number of ways to get retweets, but being President is a pretty solid one that’s difficult to duplicate!

5) The most favorited tweet shows us that none of this really matters

Favorites are for those tweets we like, but that we don’t want to retweet to our followers. They’re like a ‘hey, thanks for that’ in digital form. The most favorited tweet of all time is an absolutely pointless one for One Direction’s @Harry_Styles:

What makes it even dumber is that the account being mentioned is no longer active, and never really was! It had 1 tweet sent, and followed 2 accounts. 23,800+ favorites for…nothing!

10 Strange Things You Didn't Know About Twitter

The next most favorited comes from Drake, and is a comment on a footballer’s quest to honor his brother who has passed on. That’s a tweet which is actually worth a favorite:

Also, don’t forget that this tweet once had no favorites – it started from the bottom, now it’s here on my list!

6) YouTube has more followers than Twitter!

Can you imagine that? The official Twitter account currently has 37.9 million followers:

Which isn’t a bad number. Then you see that YouTube’s Twitter account totally pwns Twitter at their own game with 50.5 million followers:

10 Strange Things You Didn't Know About Twitter

This could go to show you the power of video marketing on Twitter as a powerful way to spread your message. YouTube shares video all the time with their followers, and people love to hit the retweet button on that type of content.

7) Be a Dick

Twitter’s current CEO is Dick Costolo. He is going to be the person responsible for bringing Twitter into the black after years of not turning a profit. He is also the person responsible for goofing around like this at the most formal of moments:


Watch it, he’s a non-stop joke machine. Dick used to be a standup comedian, showing everyone that there’s room in life for a smile – no matter who you are!

8) The account with the most tweets doesn’t tweet in English

When it comes to which Twitter account has sent the most tweets, it isn’t even close. The handle is @VENETHIS, the name…I can’t figure out – It’s in Japanese! (I think…) Here’s a typical tweet out of the 37.7 million tweets they’ve sent:

10 Strange Things You Didn't Know About Twitter

Ya, no idea what’s going on there!

9) The most used hashtag is STILL going strong…for some reason

The most popular hashtag of all time that I could find was #vote5sos. This was a hashtag used for the voting of Best Lyrical Video for MTV’s VMAs in 2014. Users had to tweet that hashtag out to vote, hence all the activity!

The confusing thing is that as of this writing, the MTV VMAs were 6 months ago…and people are still using it, even though voting is well and truly over:

I guess they want them to win again next year? Or they want the hashtag to stay as the most popular of all time? I don’t know about these kids some days…

10) Sweden has its own approach to…everything

From their fabulous land and love for hockey, to the gift that is Ikea, to the official Twitter account for Sweden, Swedes have their own way of doing nearly everything. The great thing about their official Twitter account is that each week sees a new Swedish citizen taking over the account. You get a whole new view of the country every seven days.

Here’s who is tweeting this week, a woman named Heather:

The week before it was a man named Anders:

Each new curator has something new to show you about Sweden, and about themselves. If you’re looking for a new account to follow, give @Sweden a follow and you’ll have someone new every week! You can also take a look through the archive for past users. A few of them are absolute blonde bombshells, showing us again why we love Sweden.


Ernest Thompson is a social media and crowd marketing writer. You can find out more about his Twitter follower growth ideas at the link. He enjoys the more unusual aspects of social media, where the fun happens, but is always sure to right his course for those serious moments when he’s building social media accounts.