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Having a logo and a modern brand is not only important but fundamental. The logo is the spirit of your business and people tend to give their trust to a company that has a curated and recognizable graphics image. Your company logo is something you should treat with the utmost care because it defines an identity and helps people remember it. Play a more important role than any name, ad campaign or site. In short, the logo is the base from which to create effective and successful communication.

Everyone knows that the unique and distinctive logo is essential to the success of business and projects. But finding the right logo is not easy. You may hire a dedicated logo designer to meet your demand for a certain amount of money. Or you may want to do it yourself but find that you need to deal with professional design programs full of multiple options. Fortunately, many sites give you an online design workshop that contains all the tools needed to create a distinctive logo. DesignEvo is one of the best and most famous of these sites.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is an online platform to create and customize professional logos easily and simply without any complicated steps. There are more than 7,000 templates. You will undoubtedly find a logo that meets your needs. Note that the site allows you to customize the chosen logo entirely, so you get the unique look. Each element in the logo is customizable by countless possibilities. Just customize it to match the idea of ​​your site, application, company, organization, or even a Facebook page. DesignEvo also provides millions of icons and fonts designed to move the logo to another level.

A great feature of the site is that you can use it easily without having to download programs or create an account. Once you have finished the logo, you can get it in high-quality SVG and PNG format for printing or online. Before you download, you can preview what the logo will look like in different places.

How to use DesignEvo?

To start getting a professional logo suitable for your company or project of any kind, click the “Make a Free Logo” button to go directly to the logo creation page after visiting DesignEvo. In this page, you will be able to browse thousands of logos that are ready to use and are categorized into different categories. For example: If you want a logo for a technology-related site or company, go to the Technology & Communication section. As noted, there are many models and options available, so take your time browsing until you get stuck on the appropriate logo and click to select it.

Start Design with DesignEvo

After clicking on the logo you like, you will see a pop-up window that says Enter Your Logo Name and Slogan. Note that this is not mandatory but optional. You can leave all fields empty and click the Get Started or Skip button.

As you move to the Icon section on the left, you will be able to search and add any icons in the logo. You’ll find a search field where you type the keywords of the icon you want to include. By clicking on any of the displayed icons, they will be added immediately to the logo. Above you will find control options such as allowing color change and also controlling the transparency level.

Start Design with DesignEvo - Logo

Go to the Shape section you’ll find a bunch of great geometric or artistic shapes you may need to add to your logo to give it a good look. There you will find different sections and categories such as Badge, Decoration, or Line. In general, in this section, you will find a variety of shapes that make the logo better, and as usual, you can control it from the top bar, whether in color, direction or transparency.

Start Design with DesignEvo - Company Name

If the white background of the logo is not suitable, you can move to the Background section where you can choose from many different colors, both solid and gradient colors.

Once you’ve finished editing the logo by adding text, changing colors, or inserting new shapes and icons. You can click on the Preview button at the top so you can take a quick look at what the logo will look like in different situations such as Website, book cover, invitation card, T-shirt, company headquarters, etc. It is a fantastic idea of the site to see if you need to modify something or not.

Lastly, you can click the Download button to move to a page containing 3 ways to get the logo. The first method is free to get the logo but with low quality in 500 pixels, in addition to a white background without transparency. The Basic plan lets you get the logo for $ 24.99 for the highest possible quality 5000 pixels and a completely transparent background. The Plus plan for $ 49.99, allows you to get the logo with the highest quality and transparent background in PDF and SVG format, and with the ability to keep the logo as a registered trademark.

DesignEvo Pricing

Now that you have your new and beautiful logo you can finally think about the next steps to take to promote your business. You could focus on effective communication for your business, on your new site and on everything else.

This is all about DesignEvo for designing logos simply without having to deal with professional programs, and you are in control of each element in the logo so you will be able to implement your request as it should be. I think its price categories are very appropriate compared to the prices of the designers specialized in the field. Note that the site offers you a cloud storage service, so you can register your account on the site and save the logos you created and return to edit it easily.

What is your opinion? Do you have other ideas that you have adopted in your logo communication strategy? Please let us know in the comments.

All images: Courtesy of DesignEvo