Why use social media for your business

The other day I was talking with one of my newer clients about social media. We were just a few hours into a new project that included getting his company’s social media properties in place and setting up an integrated social media engagement strategy. He suddenly said something roughly like this, “Now I get it. … [Read More…] Why Do Social Media For Your Company? Perception vs. Reality

Tough Love

Here’s the recap of a discussion that I had with the two partners of a client company. Client: Times are tough. We’re getting a lot less new leads than we used to because we’ve pretty much worked through our current network of contacts. We want to get involved in Social Media now. We’re ready. Me: … [Read More…] A (Tough) Love Story: How Is Social Media Helping You Make Money?

Small Business Blogging Myths

A lot of small businesses are daunted by the idea of writing for their blog (or starting one if they’re not blogging yet). They’re daunted because they think they have to write all the time. Or those who are blogging already feel like they’re not adding any value to their businesses because their traffic stats … [Read More…] 6 Small Business Blogging Myths Debunked

Small business blog

Blogging for a small business is different from blogging as a professional blogger (“problogger”) who is making money with advertisements or affiliate products on their site. As a small business, you benefit from your company blog in a variety of ways that make your situation different from an internet marketer or problogger. 1) Credibility The … [Read More…] 5 Ways Your Small Business Blog Can Help Your Company Thrive

This has been a huge month for Right Mix Marketing! With the upcoming launch of the Business Blogging Telesummit, I’ve been using Content Marketing as one of the major marketing vehicles for this event. To that end, I’ve been busy with guest posts, interviewing and even a little photography and videography. I hope you enjoy … [Read More…] Build Up To A Launch – Examples of Content Marketing For An Event

I had the pleasure of interviewing Krizia, who is a master interviewer and video marketer (and also the founder of the Women Entrepreneurs HQ)! She’s interviewed over 125 people on video including: Amy Porterfield Mari Smith Kate Buck David Kaminski Elisa Camahort Page ..and over 120 more Listen to the following interview where  we cover … [Read More…] 8 Secrets To Success Distilled From 125+ Interviews