Your business blog can be one of your most valuable marketing assets. It can improve your search engine optimization. It can drive awareness of your company via social media shares of your content. In addition, it can establish you as an authority in your space. but certain myths and misconceptions may stop you from taking … [Read More…] 5 Business Blogging Myths That Will Hold You Back (Infographic)

6 Unavoidable Business Blogging Tasks

Guest post by Pratik Dholakiya So blogging is a rage, and it has been like that for a while. It also doesn’t seem to lose momentum, which is incredible. The only disappointment is that not all businesses have a blog although it’s been proven that blogging actually opens up more opportunities for businesses, generates leads, … [Read More…] 6 Unavoidable Tasks That Go With Business Blogging


In my line of work I run into a lot of businesses who have bought into the need for blog content to engage their customers, to have something to share in social media, and for the SEO benefits. I’m glad to see they’ve seen the light! The only problem is….the content. A lot of the … [Read More…] The 7 Dysfunctional Blog Types: Is Your Company Blog Suffering?

On occasion, an unloved company blog gets questioned. Why do we have that thing anyway? Just like an unloved pet spends its time moping around, living from meal to meal, an untouched blog looks lonely and adds little value. But in the right hands, and with proper “care and feeding”, a company blog, or an … [Read More…] 6 Powerful Ways Your Company Blog Can Drive New Business

The business blog is one of the best tools to support companies in the use of content as a marketing weapon. A company’s blog is the natural and ideal location for posting written content, videos, pictures and audio. In addition, when the content is shared by the company and by readers in social media, in … [Read More…] How to Blog Sensibly: A Business Blogging Checklist

Small business blog

Blogging for a small business is different from blogging as a professional blogger (“problogger”) who is making money with advertisements or affiliate products on their site. As a small business, you benefit from your company blog in a variety of ways that make your situation different from an internet marketer or problogger. 1) Credibility The … [Read More…] 5 Ways Your Small Business Blog Can Help Your Company Thrive