Is it hard to convince your boss, your employees or yourself why you should be blogging? If so, check out the following blogging statistics that show how powerful a business blog can be. They include facts such as: 80% of blog visits are new (awareness) 53% more traffic (awareness) Posting every day generates 4x more … [Read More…] 13 Blogging Statistics That Show Why You Should Blog

Blog or ebook, which to write?

Post by Linda Dessau Both, of course! In this article I’ll discuss how blogs and books will grow your business, how you can build on one to write the other, and how your written words can enrich your offline promotional efforts. How a blog will help your business When you blog consistently about content that’s … [Read More…] Blog or Book, Which Should You Write?


In my line of work I run into a lot of businesses who have bought into the need for blog content to engage their customers, to have something to share in social media, and for the SEO benefits. I’m glad to see they’ve seen the light! The only problem is….the content. A lot of the … [Read More…] The 7 Dysfunctional Blog Types: Is Your Company Blog Suffering?