The (often misunderstood) Blog’s Place in Your Marketing Strategy

Ask ten people about a blog’s role in a company (especially at a B2B company) and you’ll likely get ten completely different answers. It’s a place for a company to post product updates. It’s a place to share news about the company. It’s a place to put afterthoughts that have no place elsewhere on the … [Read More…] The (often misunderstood) Blog’s Place in Your Marketing Strategy

31 Ways to a Blog Post Idea

It’s important to provide valuable content to your readers on a regular basis. They’ll take something away and you’ll get the benefits of a broader social presence and the opportunity to rank in the search engines. But some days your inspiration for a great blog post ideas may dissipate… With that in mind, here are … [Read More…] 31 Ways to a Blog Post Idea


As you do your content planning for the new year, it’s a great time to breathe some life into your business blog with some completely new types of content. Here are 150 post ideas by type (and with some examples) to inspire you to succeed with you content marketing in 2015! Bookmark it or save … [Read More…] 150 Killer Blog Post Ideas for 2015

21 Tips to make oodles of content in less time

In content marketing, there’s never enough time. It’s like a grandfather clock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Before you know it, the time’s run out. If you’ve got a bit of extra budget, and the right ideas on board, you can make plenty of content in a lot less time. Using other people’s expertise 1. Freelance … [Read More…] 21 Tips to Make Oodles of Content in Less Time

blog procrastination

We’re often our own worse enemies. One day we set out to do something, like a renewed commitment to blog regularly. Then the next day we argue with ourselves and provide excuses as to why it would be better to blog tomorrow than today. Here are some of the top excuses I’ve used (or heard … [Read More…] The Best Excuses We Tell Ourselves To Avoid Blogging