The Top 10 Business Planning Software Tools for Startups

top business planning software tools for startups


top business planning software tools for startups

You are thinking of venturing into entrepreneurship, or you want to resign from your job. Well, you still need a source of income, right? The best direction to look would be to start a business of your own. It can be gratifying, but you need to put in work. The first step B towards starting a successful business is by having a business plan. You have the option of consulting a business planner; if you are well versed on how it is done, you could even do it yourself. But what happens if you have limited time to create a 50-page document? Abandon the whole idea of owning a business? Probably not. Do not despair. There are business planning tools that you could use for that.

Below are the best options you can find for business planning software:

1. Biz Plan

Biz plan is one of the best startup management software. The beauty of this software is that it meets all your startup business needs. Its reputation precedes it. Business owners who opted for this software during the budding stages of their business have no regrets whatsoever. What can this software do for you? For one, you will get business plans and templates that are shareable that you can have a look into. Before you even get started, you will have a picture of what you would love your business plan to look like. The platforms are also very user-friendly, which will allow you to direct all focus on creating a feasible plan as opposed to finding your way around the software.

Also, the process has been broken down to make it easy for you to create your business plan. The fact that the software boasts over 30,000 customers speaks volumes about its performance.

2. Enloop

You can choose to work with the free version or the paid version of the Enloop software. It all depends on your budget. The best part is that this software will give you the opportunity to test it before you buy it. You will definitely come back for more. The features are unmatched. They include a performance score, features that will help you automatically write your business plan, and samples that can also be customized. What that tells you is that there will be no wasting time with this software. You can start your business as soon as you get hold of  Enloop. Additionally, it is one of the most affordable tools in the market.

3. Strat Pad

Strat Pad is yet another business planning tool which you can get a free version of. It boasts thousands of global users, which should tell you something about its performance. It is impressive. Despite its excellent performance, its developers are not resting. They are working relentlessly to improve it by adding new features that will make your business planning process exceptional.

Strat Pad has a real-time business plan sharing tool, QuickBooks integration, and you have the liberty to cancel your subscription once your business plan is ready.

4. Live Plan

The Live Plan business planning tool has been in the scenes for over fifteen years. Having served more than 400,000 companies, there is a lot to tell about its reliability. What makes so many customers drawn to this app? Truth be told, there is a lot. For one, the software has embraced the latest trends in technology, such as cloud data storage. What does that tell you? The users can access their business plans remotely. This has provided so much convenience for the users. It also has education support, which has made everything easy for the users.

Going to the features, it has a dashboard that allows you to track performance and progress. There are also tons of business plans samples that you could get inspiration from. The best part is that it could take you a maximum of thirty minutes to create a 1-page business plan!

5. Business Plan Pro

Here you are guaranteed value for your money and time. If you are the kind of entrepreneur that does not look to rely on cloud service, this Business Plan Pro would be a good option for you. Also, it gives you a choice to work with a one-time subscription as opposed to a monthly one. What features should you expect to enjoy? Both online and offline access, business management dashboard tools, and the option to import or export from Excel and PowerPoint.

However, if you are a Mac user, this tool might not work for you as it is designed for Windows.

6. Plan Guru

As the name suggests, this tool is a business planning guru. It will give you much more than a business plan. That is business analysis and forecasting. This tool will serve you best if you have a business plan. Among the features that will be there to serve you are, a budgeting software, analytics for KPIs and an advanced report builder.

7. I Planner

You will not regret investing your time and money in this tool. On top of being very affordable, you get to enjoy the most amazing features in the market. That is, discounts, unlimited team members and collaborations and La Carte pricing model to mention a few. The interface is also user-friendly and will not give you a hard time or waste any minute.

8. Ultimate Business Planner

Are you looking for a business planning software that will not take up much of your time? Ultimate Business Planner is the perfect guy for the job. It is very easy to use and also fast. Its user-friendliness goes beyond having an excellent interface. You will get help and a guide that will take you through your business plan step by step. You will also get spoilt with suggestions that will come in handy in the process.

Do you get access to samples? Yes, there is actually more than enough. That is, over 1000 of them. There are tons of resources that will be availed for your business planning process. The good thing is that the tool takes care of the business planning needs of any type of business. Be it a sole proprietorship, limited liability, and partnerships.

9. SBA

Why SBAs business planning tool? It provides you with a guide that will come in handy as you get started. The privacy of your data while using this tool is guaranteed as the only person who gets to view the plan is the one with the logins. You also get to benefit from mentorship resources that will come to your rescue if you have questions about your complete business plan. The tool is also straightforward to use. It allows you to work at your own pace and enable you to pick from where you left; that is, you can always update your business plan.

10. Business Sorter

This tool comes with a 14-day trial. The tool’s goal looks to simplify and make your business planning process faster. Does it have educational resources? As a matter of fact, and they come in PDF and word format.

The list above presents the best business planning software you can find in the market. They come with incredible features that do not only make your business planning process flawless but also enjoyable.

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