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10 Tips To Choose The Right Sales CRM For Your Startup

10 Tips To Choose The Right Sales Customer Relationship Management For Your Startup

Startups are usually scrappy and with limited funds. And at the same time, they also don’t need all the bells and whistles that today’s CRM provides and charge a ton of money for all the features a startup wouldn’t use. There are over 100 CRM software in the market today, making it quite daunting for a startup to figure out what’s right for their needs and at the same time, one that fits in their budget. This article is a detailed guide on how to look for the right CRM that fits in your limited budget and makes sure that you pay for only those features that would be used in your current journey, with a few additional ones that will be relevant once you scale your business. Don’t overpay for something that only a large enterprise needs.

We dwell in a world which is brimming with passionate startups equipped with efficient professionals and people with a creative mindset. But in order to get established in the marketplace, every startup geek looks for grabbing opportunities for increasing the customer base and boosting sales.

The task of attracting more customers is extremely challenging for startups. But it can be done through managing and nurturing healthy relationships with the current customers and fulfill their specific requirements. How to do it? Let’s explore the right way.

According to Forbes, entrepreneurs worldwide are leveraging the potential of sales CRM systems. The best sales CRM system can be your true companion in keeping a precise track of all your sales and customer data which can be the key to increasing startup sales. Your Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) can be easily used to locate quality leads, chase prospects, and look after them throughout the sales pipeline.

There are a plethora of CRM solutions available in the market but identifying the one that fits in your startup’s mission and purposes is a daunting task. Let’s make this task a bit easier by exploring ten major tips with which you can quickly cherry-pick the best sales CRM tool for your startup.

1. Seek Simplicity & Scalability

As per research performed by InsideCRM, 55% of sales professionals believe that ease-of-use is the most significant quality of a CRM. Startups are no exception to this idea as usual, they have small teams and due to lack of time, they can’t invest days in training their staff to use the CRM tool properly.

This is why you should pick an easy to use CRM solution for your startup which is blessed with an intuitive interface and minimalistic design that makes it easily accessible. PipelineDeals is an intuitive CRM tool for startups which lets sales professionals set up and get started in a few minutes.

In addition to being simple, your sales CRM should also be scalable enough so that it can evolve with your business. Also, it should be easy to modify the system and include or remove certain features in accordance with the specific business needs without performing heavy code changes.

2. Don’t Fall Into The Trap Of Low-priced Solutions

It’s true that startups have limited funds but still, it’s not a good idea to pick the cheapest sales CRM tool as it can be a pain in your neck in the long-run. Rather do your market research and compare top CRM tools in order to find out which can work best for your business. Also, keep the cost as one of your priorities when choosing a CRM but don’t pick low-priced alternatives blindly.

3. Cherry-Pick The One Which Is A Perfect Fit For Your Startup

When choosing a CRM tool for your startup it’s essential for you to keep away from getting lost among several alternatives. Instead, you should do your research and pick the one which is in accordance with your specific needs and unique workflow.

4. Make Sure To Choose A CRM System That Can Be Easily Integrated With Your Landing Page

The landing page of your startup website is the crucial point where leads enter your sales funnel. But designing and developing a high converting landing page isn’t a joke. You can partner with one of the most experienced web landing page development companies to help you in doing the task efficiently.

But you might be wondering why we switched our focus from CRM tools to landing pages? It’s because these two platforms can work wonders for your business if integrated properly. A CRM tool that can be seamlessly integrated with your landing page ensures that leads come into the sales process instantly. Also, it gives you much more control over the whole course of action and accelerates the rate with which it’s moving.

5. Seamless Analytics & Excellent Search

Look for a CRM tool that makes the process of finding information essential for customers extremely easy and hassle-free for your sales reps. Also, the system should be capable of evaluating the gathered data and helps you in formulating future plans.

For example, Nimble CRM is a people-centric tool for early-aged startups as it helps in filtering prospects by pulling out information from their social profiles. Also, it facilitates efficient pipeline management by building highly personalized experiences for the customers. is another sales CRM tool with impeccable search features.

6. Efficient Tracking, Lead Scoring, & Sales Forecasting

It’s mandatory for a startup CRM tool to be efficient in scoring and tracking the best leads on the basis of quality and sales inclination. Also, it should be capable of allowing sales managers to evaluate their pipeline of quality leads and forecast future strategies.

Benchpoint and Pipedrive are two of the most popular CRM solutions specifically designed to suit startups workflow and help them in scoring and tracking leads precisely as well as in predicting future policies.

7. Comprehensive Dashboards & Smooth Reporting

Being a startup it’s necessary for you to celebrate each and every success which can be done by gaining real-time insights into customer data which can be calculated for business reporting. This can be performed easily with the help of a CRM solution with comprehensive dashboards and reporting features. Also, these systems allow startups to customize charts and preparing reports for evaluating sales performance.

ProsperWorks is the best CRM system for startups as it’s blessed with exclusive dashboards and pipeline reporting features. This tool automates several complex and time-consuming tasks related to handling and updating customer data.

8. Pay Limited Attention To Collaboration & Integration

Seamless collaboration and integration are the two major areas which you should consider when choosing a CRM solution for your startup but don’t be entirely dependent on these two factors only.

It’s good that your CRM tool can collaborate easily with your workflow and it’s even better if it’s easier to integrate it with other existing systems. But don’t let these yardsticks dominate your final decision to purchase a CRM solution. In case integrations are the first priority you can choose SalesforceIQ which is a powerhouse CRM tool blessed with seamless integration capacity.

9. Keep Activity Tracking & Gamification As Your Second Priorities

There are different CRM solutions available such as Zoho CRM and Salesnet that comes with efficient activity trackers and gamification features for making it much more transparent and interesting for the sales professionals.

These features can be in your checklist but they shouldn’t influence your buying decision significantly as these features are more valuable for industry giants but your startup can survive easily without them.

10. Don’t Be Adamant On Getting A Mobile-First CRM Tool

It’s excellent if your CRM solution can function seamlessly on smartphones but this feature isn’t mandatory for startups. Startups should keep things simple and begin with a desktop version. It’s not a good idea to waste your time in ensuring that your sales CRM can run smoothly on multiple platforms.

Picking the right CRM tool for your startup can be tricky but you can easily get over with it by embracing a cautious approach. Also, choosing a clean, organized, and efficient CRM solution can be the magic wand for your sales team to improve profit margins by leaps and bounds.

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