5 Reasons Why Startups Cannot Put Off Having a Mobile CRM App

5 Reasons Why Startups Cannot Put Off Having a Mobile CRM App


5 Reasons Why Startups Cannot Put Off Having a Mobile CRM App
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Does your startup have a sturdy mobile CRM app yet? You definitely need one. They offer multiple advantages and will easily bring in more ROI than the initial investment, in more ways than one.

For an SMB that is constantly trying to score the maximum ROI on its marketing budget, and to whom every single customer is significant, building a healthy customer relationship is easily the most important goal. You need to be available for customers, anytime, anyplace. That is why a mobile CRM app is truly an investment worth making. It gives your sales department the power to build stronger customer relationships and do it even when they aren’t tied down to the office computer.

A mobile CRM app delivers the complete set of tools, databases, and information that your sales, marketing, and customer service teams need, right on their smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. By accessing and managing all key information in one place, your business stays plugged in and ready on the go. So whether your teams are in a different office, a different city or a whole other continent, each employee has access to the same information, providing a seamless experience, and all the tools needed to serve the customers better and foster a relationship that turns customers into loyal brand advocates.

1. A Mobile CRM App Isn’t a Cost, It’s An Investment

If you thought that fancy words like mobile CRM suite were only reserved for big businesses, think again. Developing a mobile app for effective customer relationship management will end up paying for itself several times over if it helps you swiftly acquire new customers and retain the old ones.

It’s understandable that small and medium businesses work with tighter budgets that big businesses, but developing a CRM app is what makes them an effective competitor in the face of the biggest businesses. Implementing a mobile CRM solution helps your sales team make more sales, work more efficiently, be more productive and leverage customer data to develop smarter campaigns. In fact, according to a study by Nucleus, sales representatives saw a 26.4% spike in productivity when they implemented mobile access to their CRM application.

2. It Gives Your Employees the Mobility They Need

It has been proved time and again that employees are more productive when they are given the freedom to work from wherever they like. An iPass research showed that companies gain an extra 240 hours of work per year from employees due to mobile working.

It’s quite understandable that employees today demand mobility. If your business needs to hire and retain talented employees, you need to have the tools to enable them to work from anywhere.  It cuts out long and tiresome commute, affords employees a better work-life balance and hence increases their productivity and satisfaction. Even on days, they have a doctor’s appointment, they don’t need to miss the customer meeting an hour later. When they have all the data and information streaming right into their smartphone, they are equipped to handle anything, any time.

3. It Lets You Gather Data and Extract Insights

Every interaction made with a customer generates a piece of data. In a conventional setting, large chunks of valuable customer data could simply be lost. But having a mobile CRM app can automatically capture all the customer data and draw some stellar insights to further improve your customer relationship management strategy.

A notable trend here is that today’s customers are entering your purchase funnel pretty late. An average b2b customer is already 57% into the purchase process before they directly engage with the supplier. They are undertaking the larger chunk of their research and analysis on their own. They are researching online and gathering a great deal of information about you, your business, your product, and even your competitors before they engage with you for the very first time. These highly aware and tech-savvy customers do not want to talk to your sales rep before they know everything about you, and interestingly, expect the same from you. Unless a sales rep can show that adequate research has been done on their part too, customers are less likely to trust them.

A mobile CRM app allows you the kind of background you need on your leads. It can link with your website analytics as well as your social media and all other avenues where you have an online presence, and identify incoming leads, as well as track the kind of research they’ve been doing. It can tell you the products they’ve shown interest in, the time they’ve spent browsing your services and the likelihood of them engaging with you.

A really well articulated CRM app can uncover intriguing nuances of the customer’s behavior to help you formulate a winning strategy to convert them. It can give you a whole lot of context about the actions your potential customers are taking, helping you leverage that momentum into creating a sales pitch tailor made to succeed with them.

4. A CRM App Lets You Gauge the Success of Your Marketing Campaigns Effectively

A mobile CRM app is the perfect way to study the results of each marketing campaign and understand just what works for which set of customers. Startups and SMBs like to run several different campaigns parallel to each other, often targeted to different segments of their audience. On a broad scale, these can often become difficult to keep track of and optimize. You may have an idea of which campaign is doing better than others, but to really understand what’s working and what needs improvisation, you need a tool that collates and sorts all data extremely well, allowing each marketing employee a clear picture. This allows them to target individual customer segments with the right approach, making your entire marketing job a lot edgier.

So if a lead clicked on your promotional video on Twitter or LinkedIn, you could follow up with a free report or whitepaper, drawing them further into the funnel. However, if a lead visited your website and browsed your product page, this could be a hot lead and you need to act quickly with a special discount or a free trial. That’s what a CRM app does, it lets you take quick decisions on the go, and ensure more conversions with personalized data. And it lets you do all this and more without being tied down to the office premises or a computer. With all the data and insights coming right to your smartphone, you can manage customer relationships and design personalized marketing campaigns on the go. From lead management to sales tracking, all in one place, startups and SMBs can spend more time growing their business and less time holding meetings and watching PowerPoint presentations.

5. It Lets you Streamline the CRM Process, Automate and Stay Focused

Having an app for CRM on your mobile allows you to leverage phone features like notifications, text messaging and video calling to coordinate better with your teams as well as stay ahead of your schedule. With perfectly synced reminders and notifications that rarely go unnoticed on a device like your phone, you never miss a beat. Also, an app can be designed to eliminate clutter and keep a sleek interface that lets you get a bird’s eye view of your strategy and actions in real-time. You always know when it’s time to launch that Twitter campaign or when you need to send out that email with a free whitepaper.

In fact, with a CRM app, you could automate tasks such as sending out emails, following up, making campaigns go live at just the right moment and a whole lot more. It can eliminate repetitive tasks like entering new customer information or sales data, doing such jobs effectively on its own. It can keep track of important communications like phone calls, emails and text messages to help maintain regularity. It can easily schedule meetings and coordinate time zones. Smartphone-specific tools like geolocation tagging and activity mapping can help CRM apps learn more about customers as well as help employees coordinate better.


Everyone is on the move now, your customers, your employees, and of course, you. Expecting anyone of these to sit tied down to a computer for the entire day anymore is unthinkable. Mobile’s share in global internet traffic has gone from under 1% in 2009 to over 50% in 2018 and the numbers are only going up. Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the norm when it comes to executing any activity, from ordering food to making thousand-dollar b2b purchases. So it is only obvious that your customer relationship management suite goes mobile too so that your business is optimized to grow, even when you aren’t in your cubicle.

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