How to Give Your Startup Marketing an Upgrade

Startups are at the forefront of innovation. In fact, the newest tools are produced by young entrepreneurs who are eager to share fresh ideas for making an impact in certain niches. However, the ease of establishing startups has also led to the saturation of the industry itself. As more and more businesses are introduced, it can be hard for newcomers to promote their products and services.

Even if they have access to content marketing and social media marketing tools, startups will need to go beyond the usual makeup of their promotional campaigns. In this sense, new businesses will have to adopt other effective means of reaching out to their audience.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can upgrade your marketing campaign to get more leads and close more sales!

Create videos

Modern consumers, for the most part, demand a great deal of practical information to determine if a particular solution is worth purchasing. If you haven’t done video marketing before, now is the time to up the ante in content creation. Videos are particularly useful for providing additional information about your product or service. Using tutorials and other educational content, you can use videos to impact buyer decisions.

Not only that, but videos can also support your brand-building goals. That’s because visual content proves to be more engaging to audiences. Incorporating videos into your marketing campaign can boost your reach and improve your reputation within the market.

Run e-newsletter campaigns

Lead nurturing plays a crucial role in improving your conversion rates. That said, you should invest a lot in terms of delivering valuable content to prospects who are close to making a decision to purchase your product or service. So, aside from blogs and social media posts, your marketing campaign can also utilize email newsletters to educate your market and drive conversions.

When it comes to running newsletter campaigns, you will need to underscore two elements: content and delivery. With content, your newsletters should contain important information related to special promos and offers, your products and services, as well as your market. You should also hire an expert copywriter to help you craft readable and highly engaging email content complete with calls-to-action.

Indeed, you will need an effective tool that lets you create and distribute your newsletters to your target audience. MailChimp and Infusionsoft, in particular, can help you in terms of distributing emails to recipients based on their funnel location.

Use SMS and chat support

Who uses SMS nowadays? Well, the biggest brands do, and that’s because SMS has the highest open rates, beating email by a mile! Indeed, people are more receptive when they get text messages that contain coupon codes and information about the latest promos. For this, you might want to get effective SMS marketing services to help you with getting more leads through this previously overlooked channel.

Aside from SMS, chat support can also work wonders when it comes to answering queries from potential clients. The best way to go about this is to avoid using chatbots and, instead, let actual humans handle your interactions.

Boosting your startup marketing campaign is fairly easy. You just need to get creative and look for innovative ways to promote your brand using modern tools.

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