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How to Solve Customer Pain Points Quickly: My Experience With Customer Video Interactions

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The customer and the customer experience are of utmost importance. There are clear positive implications of having a great user experience that reach beyond your user. As the CEO of a small startup company, I am always keeping the customer’s experience and journey through our marketing channels at the forefront of my mind. Because of this, I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find products that help me proactively better understand the customer experience without the ability to have a direct conversation with the customer.

Too often, certain products do not give me enough insight into the customer experience and I only receive notice when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, by that point, many people have already had a negative customer journey, and there is a higher likelihood that I may end losing customers.

In the interest of preventing this from happening, I have used Google Analytics and other Analytics software in the past. However, they never seemed to provide the granularity I wanted in terms of understanding how well the customer is being treated.

Because of this, I have found and journeyed deep into customer video interaction software. Using video interaction software, I have been able to tangibly view the customer’s experience and make clear adjustments to areas that need improvement. In this article, I would like to share my journey with you through using this software as well as how I have utilized it to ease customer pain points more easily.

What is video interaction software?

Video interaction software is exactly what it sounds like: a video tool that provides a real time video of an individual’s interaction on your website. In my search for the best software, I have tested a few different providers in this space. All of the different providers have their own pros and cons, however, at the end of the day, it depends on what you are looking for the software to address specifically and what you would like to discover through using a video interaction software. No matter what platform you choose, the benefits will be greater than the costs. The beauty of this software is the ability it gives you to directly observe customer interactions.

What process did I utilize to solve customer pain points?

The biggest goal I had in using video interaction software was to be able use my observations to fix obvious, as well as more subtle, pain points for customers. The process we used to do so at my company included four steps.

1. Watch the interactions on the video interaction software

The first thing we did was to watch interactions on the software. Devoting time to actually watch the customer interaction videos is the most important thing you can do in this process.

2. Look out for errors

When you watch the interactions, keep your eyes open for errors that occur in your website when an individual is interacting with it. This is why it is especially important to watch as many interactions as possible, so you can see if there is an error that multiple individuals are running into and that might require more immediate attention.

For example, when looking for errors, one thing we noticed on our bankruptcy calculator was that the customer would start with a 0 in front of every dollar amount they would have to enter but that first had to be manually deleted.

Having to delete this 0 might seem like a minor problem, but fixing this made the customer experience using the calculator more efficient and easy to use. Keep in mind that errors can be both major and minor; noticing and fixing even the smallest pain points can make the overall user experience that much better.

3. Fill out the Google form and include the video snippet

When we would notice a pain point that was occurring for an individual, we put it in a google form that we created for keeping track of errors. In the form, we also included the video snippet in which the error had occurred to make it easier to reference when fixing the error.

4. Product and ENG meet to fix the issue

With the error properly documented, our product team was able to take that video
interaction and work to fix that specific pain point.

Below is an example of what our Google form for recording errors looked like:

What is this product best used for in your marketing strategy?

What would this product be best used for in terms of marketing strategy? This is a very good question. Most often video interaction software would be best for business to customer interactions. We are a small company, so it is really helpful that there are options that have a freemium model that we can grow as our business also grows.

In terms of where using video interaction would be most helpful on your websites, I personally like to use it on pages where people are most likely to make mistakes. Areas like these primarily include web apps, forms, and calculators — places in which the customer will have maximum interaction with your website.

Finally, I would say that this product could be valuable for both B2C and B2B companies, but I would say that it’s probably more beneficial to B2C companies. Ascend is a B2B2C, but we use it exclusively with our B2C business.


Maybe you are like I was and are tired of flying blind when it comes to observing and addressing customer experience. Thus you are looking for a product that will properly meet your needs. Using video interaction software has been extremely helpful for me and I know it will be for you too. The biggest benefit of using this software is how much easier it makes it for you to proactively address and fix pain points for users.

Author Bio:

Ben is the Co-Founder and Head of SEO at Ascend Finance where he specializes in SEM and SEO techniques. He is passionate about using technology to boost his user’s experience. In his free time, Ben likes to go on adventures with his wife and three young daughters throughout the bay area. You can follow us here.

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