Your Social Media Strategy: What’s not “The Wild West”?

social media strategy

Social Media

social media strategy

I was at a presentation tonight in San Francisco. The speaker was talking about how bloggers can (and should) be publishing eBooks based on their blog content. To emphasize the opportunity, he said, “eBook publishing is The Wild West right now!”

I don’t disagree.

With that said, if I got a nickel for how many times I heard that it’s still “The Wild West” in marketing platform X, Y or Z, I’d be rich.

eBooks, Podcasting, SEO, Online Advertising, Local Business Marketing, Video Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google+, Pinterest. What’s not the Wild West???

Okay. Fading or irrelevant platforms aren’t “The Wild West”. MySpace is not the Wild West. No one’s fighting for leadership there. That’s just a fact of life.


In my opinion, the big marketers in these industries are always at risk because the platforms, the rules, and the norms of engagement are constantly changing. Companies that get complacent and stop learning or experimenting are also at risk. Just look at search. Google’s algorithm changes constantly unsettle anyone who depends on search for their business. Facebook’s move to Timeline has completely revamped the Facebook marketing industry. A lot of businesses are still trying to catch up. Pinterest eclipsed Google+’s time in the sun by coming out of left field.

My prediction. For the next 20 years, we’ll be living in “The Wild West” across all of Social Media and there’s nothing we can do about it. Get used to it. Keep learning, experimenting and investing or fall back.

What do you think? What does this mean for your business?