Why These 5 Tools Hold the Key To Social Media Marketing Success


In the last five years, social media has exploded. Not only have the platforms and applications increased in number, but the segment of the world’s population on at least one social media platform and the average time spent by social media users each day has dramatically increased (Source: Statista’s records).

This is excellent news for marketers! Using social media you can not only reach a wider, global audience, but you can also target your specific audience and optimize results to justify your marketing spend. Here’s how you can make the most of that opportunity, organically, with the right mix of apps and smart content marketing.

DrumUp – everything you need to manage social media content


Widely known as a brilliant content curation app, DrumUp also includes multiple social account management and advanced scheduling options. By connecting all the accounts you manage to the app, and choosing the right keywords for each account, you can save tons of time on managing your social media pages.

The app sources fresh content recommendations for you each day that you could do four things with – automatic scheduling, specific date and time scheduling, repeat cycle scheduling or storing in a content library for future use. While scheduling the articles you choose, the app also provides hashtag recommendations, and relevant @mention recommendations to simplify your effort and help you reach the right audience. Using the app you can also create groups of social media accounts for easy scheduling, source GIFs from Giphy and add emoticons to make your content seem more real for your fans to relate to.

Finally, the app also provides engagement analytics for all your social media posts so you know what’s working and isn’t to refine your content approach.

Talkwalker Alerts – complete monitoring of your communication landscape


Known for its incredible span of monitoring, Talkwalker extends further than social media. By setting specific search queries (keywords or smart phrases), you can identify all the conversations that are important to you and make good on great marketing and PR opportunities.

Identify all the keywords that are important to your company. They could include your company name, your competitor names, your business (eg. information technology or digital marketing), and those keywords in combination with the right words – for instance, ‘your company name’ wish, or ‘your company name ‘help’ or digital marketing news.

The results that Talkwalker turns up can be filtered by language, quantity, and frequency of mentions. You can also view mentions by geography on a map, to get a better understanding of your audience landscape. Finally, Talkwalker also offers ‘image monitoring’ and monitoring across other media like TV and radio.

Canva – extensive support for multipurpose designing


Design isn’t intuitive anymore, you don’t have to born with it. Social media has not only connected people in the world but connected people to information and content like never before.

Canva, the complete image editor tool, makes the design even easier. You simply begin by picking the right canvas from the multiple use-cases listed on the app – everything from blog cover to Facebook posts and presentations.

Post making the choice, the app provides you with a list of pre-made templates to use for that canvas. You simply need to pick one and change the words to suit your requirement, and you’re ready to share the image.

Through the app, you can also add a hyperlink and share to social accounts. If you’re stuck on how to convey your concept, Canva also has an ‘inspiration’ board to help pump your ideas.

Quintly – the go-to app for social media analytics and competitor benchmarking


Analyzing the after-effects of your marketing strategy is non-negotiable. Every marketer is aware of this, and unless this is meticulously done, your marketing results won’t show a month on month improvement.

A complete social media analytics and competitor benchmarking solution, Quintly has a wide range of useful features that provide interesting insights into marketing strategies. Using the app, you can set benchmarks for all your social media accounts, find the content that works best for your brand and base your decision making on data-backed visual representations.

The app provides insights into all top social media platforms and has over 250 inbuilt metrics for your to gauge your social media progress through customizable reports.

The approach is simple. View your metrics, identify the ones that matter to your brand most and organize them on your Quintly desktop for convenient monitoring. You can also track customer care questions and sponsored posts with a close to perfect accuracy using the tool.

Hubspot’s Topic Generator – an easy resort to creating compelling topics


Topic creation is a skill and nothing less. According to this study by Columbia University and French National Institute, 59% of all links shared on social media are never even clicked on!

As marketers, you can’t reach your audience unless you get those clicks. Sure, your brand may earn a good amount of exposure, but it is important to get them to click on those links.

The only information that your audience has at that point is the title and a lead image. Titles can be powerful motivators when used right, and if you don’t have the time or energy to go about creating them, there is an equally powerful alternative. Use a reliable title generator, like Hubspot’s. Even so, make sure you know the basics of title writing, and write an article that justifies the fancy titles.

All you need to succeed in the social media-driven the world is a basic understanding of how social media works, the right set of social media tools and the passion for serving everyone you’re talking to. This article is the perfect way to get you started.

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Nice set of resources. If you’re looking for a tool to create graphics you can give our web based tool Creately a try as well. I’ve not used most of the tools mentioned here but of all them DrumUp seems very interesting.

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