Frequently Asked Questions & Expert Answers to Understand Why Fashion Brands Thrive on Instagram


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Frequently Asked Questions & Expert Answers to Understand Why Fashion Brands Thrive on Instagram

Fashion is supposed to be the third-most-popular and followed category globally by mostly young people on Instagram behind just Music and Entertainment. Instagram has a worldwide community comprising over 1 billion active users every month and almost 25 million businesses actually thrive on the Instagram platform.  The video and photo-sharing app has completely revolutionized the way we lead our lives, interact, and even shop. Instagram is known for an incredible digital charisma. Is it possible for fashion brands to gain name, fame, and success by simply getting on to the Instagram bandwagon?

Are You Having over 10,000 Followers?

As per Forbes, “Regardless of whether you’re an influencer or you have a small business or a massive one, the number of followers you have is something to consider when deciding between a personal or business account. Business profiles with over 10,000 followers have the ability to include a “swipe up” link in Instagram stories.” This unique feature offers a host of benefits such as driving more traffic to the business’s homepage and that may include an affiliate link for earning a commission. You could even point your target audience to any direct CTA you want them to take.

Why Instagram Is Supposed To Be The Best For Promoting Your Fashion Website?

If you are having an online fashion store, you must necessarily be on Instagram. With over 1 billion active monthly users, this phenomenally successful social media platform is the destination to head for promoting their business and boosting their overall online brand presence and awareness. You have access to interesting statistics and analytics to prove that Instagram is effective not only in boosting your reach but also helps smaller fashion brands and businesses to boost customer engagement, and thereafter, conversions or sales. Moreover, the fact that Instagram is a popular social media platform where businesses and brands could post their high-quality photos, could be one of the chief reasons why more people are active on Instagram,

Why Is Instagram Having So Much Popularity?

Instagram is a versatile platform and definitely a flexible one as it allows its users to not only post pictures on their Instagram account but also to edit those pictures and help in enhancing the overall looks of the pictures with a number of interesting visual effects. Hence, the photos on your Instagram profile are regarded as somewhat special and there are several personal creative touches that Instagrammers use for garnering more likes and getting a boost in engagement. In recent times, the beauty and the fashion industries have favorably used this consumer behavior for promoting their brand effectively and increasing overall customer engagement.

The two most effective ways how the top fashion brands have been utilizing Instagram is via photo contests and hashtag engagement. In this context, fashion designers, brands and bloggers must know that today, you could increase your Instagram followers, and likes to your posts with the professional assistance of reliable agencies such as stormlikes.

Why Must Fashion Businesses Treat Instagram Seriously?

As discussed already, Instagram is predominantly a visual marketing platform, as such; it facilitates and encourages fashion brands to showcase their creations and designs from time to time to gain unprecedented publicity and popularity. With more than 500 million DAUs (daily active users), you could certainly identify your target audience that is active and very much present on this vibrant social networking site. Moreover, Instagram is known to generate top-quality leads and that is precisely what you require to generate maximum conversion.

How Top Fashion Brands Are Using Instagram to Drive More Traffic?

The strategy has been to actually motivate Instagrammers to click photos of the designer outfit or fashion costume jewelry purchased by them and then post stunning photos on their Instagram account using popular hashtags that have been determined by the brand. This is supposed to be an excellent stratagem as the customers who have a soft corner for the brand would love the idea of being featured with their favorite product on the official website of the brand. Once they start using the relevant hashtags, the marketers would be exposing the fans and followers to the products and specific brands of the company. Moreover, the fashion designing house would be getting an opportunity to convince the customer to permit them to reuse the Instagram posts provided they complement the brand message and overall brand image.

What Do You Know About the Contests Organized by the Fashion Company?

The photo contests organized by the fashion hotshots and top companies are based fundamentally on themes that are inspired by the vision that the company wishes to promote. There are a host of regulations and rules that the contestants require following. We have witnessed in the past that the ultimate response or reaction to such fashion contests or challenges is generally exceptional. These contests are generally organized with the intention of encouraging and motivating customers to share User-Generated Content or UGC that could later be effectively utilized by the company for its promotional purposes.

What Are the Ways to Use UGC or User-Generated Content?

Once all the legal implications are considered the fashion brand would be taking the permission of the Instagrammer or the photographer for using the featured photos in a host of ways to promote the brand and as an integral part of the marketing strategy. They could be using it for boosting email marketing in the form of newsletters, in some thank-you notes, in landing pages, and maybe even in any part of their official website. Instagramers themselves share them brilliant pictures across diverse social media platforms and even offline with their relatives and friends. With every mention and every share, brand engagement is getting enhanced substantially and overall reach is increasing as your community is adding Instagrammers whose profile and persona actually match with their highly-interactive and engaged customers.


Instagram is a brilliant platform to come up with fascinating and creative visuals. Fashion brands thrive on Instagram because the versatile platform’s conversion rates and even engagement rates are incredibly high as compared to other social networking sites. Fashion brands must invest in creating high-quality pictures and amazing videos to boost engagement. You must rely on authentic, fresh, and creative content on Instagram as this vibrant platform offers tremendous potential for engagement and conversion.

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