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Visual content has become an essential part of how we do marketing today. This is especially true about social media strategies.

Social media is all about consumer engagement. It doesn’t matter how valuable the information you have, if your target audience doesn’t decide to consume it. You need to really hammer the nail home to really see the difference for your business.

A recent survey by Adobe and Software Advice revealed that the top performing social media influencers classify visual content and hashtag as “most important” for success.

There are a lot of reasons why visual content is so important in your social media:

Perception: Social media is about a lot of things, but probably most of all, it’s about looks. Well-written articles and posts are good to have, but unless you have a compelling image to go along with it, users will most likely not even notice your post. Having a picture to go along with each of your tweets, can easily boost engagement by 35%.

Consumers want shorter content: People want to save as much time as possible when consuming content for themselves. Studies show that 95% of consumers (which is an insane number) prefer shorter content. As you probably know, our brain processes visuals 60 times faster than text and we actually retain 80% of what we see and only 20% of what we read. If you want your content to reach your target consumers and stay inside their heads, you simply can’t ignore the importance of visual content.

Visuals boost your brand visibility: Having images is a good thing. Having custom made (or at least modified), high-quality images that speak directly to you audience will help boost the visibility of your brand. In today’s world, if you want your brand to be recognized instantly by each of your target consumers, then visuals are a great way to make this happen. Take a look at this Instagram page for a second. Shredz, a fitness/nutrition company, has one of the best visuals in the industry. This is the quality you need to be aiming for.

Shredz Brand

Easier to spot: Social media networks are overloaded with content nowadays and the amount of content shared continues to grow each year. With so many posts on your target consumers’ feeds, your content needs to be spotted easily, otherwise you simply risk going unnoticed. Visuals are a great way to catch the eyes of people. It’s important to note that your images need to be of high-quality. High-quality images not only capture attention but also subconsciously prompt consumers that your content is worth their time, can be trusted and helps position yourself as an influencer in the industry. Having low-quality visuals might still get you results, but after you put in the effort to create them, it would be more cost efficient to maximize the quality at the same time.

How to use different types of visual content


Images are the most commonly used assets in the visual content marketing, and probably the most important one too. Images are good for a number of reasons:

They are easy to create/get hold off – you could hire a professional designer/photographer to make custom images or just use free stock ones.

Images reflect emotions – Emotional engagement is one of your strongest weapons. It’s hard to get to the heart of your consumers with text (mainly because you need to get them to read it first), but the images on the other hand, are processed almost instantly and there is so much you could tell with just a simple, well-made image.

Images can be used to motivate – Social Media is a place where consumers look for encouragement and motivation. Compelling, high quality images paired with a strong quote related to your industry can go a long way.

Images reflect your brand’s personality – Each brand has a unique personality. To differentiate yourself from competition and develop your own voice in the industry, use images to help consumers identify your brand for what it stands for. Help them find you in the sea of overflowing content easily.

Don’t forget to make use of the best social media tools together with your images, to maximize the value you get out of your efforts.

Infographics and charts

Infographics are a great way to deliver important information to your audience in a very short amount of time and also make it easy to share that information with the world at the same time. 65% of all people are mainly visual learners, which means they are more comfortable understanding and remembering what they see, rather than what they hear or read.

Explaining complicated statistics with the help of text is rather difficult and requires a lot of concentration from your readers. Using infographics and charts to deliver the complex information in a much-simplified way will be appreciated by your audience.

Most consumers often need solid facts and data to strengthen their decisions and seeing your infographic on their social media feed (especially Twitter) will be a fast and easy solution to get the proof they need and maybe even learn something more.


If you aren’t utilizing video content yet, you should start doing it today. Videos have really been on the rise for the past several years. Moreover, according to Cisco, the video will account for 69% all of consumed content by 2017.

Also, Facebook has revealed that the amount of video content shared on their platform has increased by 94% compared to the last year and an average user watches, at least, one video on Facebook every day.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, 1 minute long video is worth 1.8 million words. Not only video shortens the amount of time needed to consume information by a lot, it also helps consumers retain that information easily since video engages the brain on more levels (emotional, sensory, motor, etc.) compared to text (information processing and understanding).

We live in a visual world and humans are visual creatures. We like what we see, and often ignore what we don’t. This concept applies to social media in a linear way. The more information you can show to your consumers, the more likes, shares, retweets and reposts you will get. Embrace visual and watch your social media engagement skyrocket to such heights, which simply cannot be achieved with mere text, even when it’s just exploding with value.