Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Resource Guide

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Resource Guide (89 Helpful Resources)

Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Resource GuideWhether you work for a large brand or own your own small business, I’m sure you’re hearing quite a bit about Pinterest. You may be asking yourself, should we be marketing on Pinterest? Is this a fad? How can Pinterest help my business? How would I market on Pinterest anyway?

If you ask yourself any of these questions or if your boss, manager, spouse or business associate has ever asked them, then you’re in luck.

I’ve gathered almost 90 resources to answer almost any question you could have about Pinterest.

  • Are men on Pinterest?
  • Can brands use Pinterest?
  • How are small businesses using Pinterest? How about big brands?
  • What are innovative ways to use Pinterest?
  • Can my brand be hijacked on Pinterest?
  • Are there copyright issues with using Pinterest?

You can find answers to all of these questions below. My three requests:

  1. Please follow my Pinterest Articles and Tips Board (if you’re on Pinterest)
  2. If you’ve written a great article about Pinterest and Marketing (or business), put a link to it in the comments
  3. If you’re a heavy pinner and want to pin for my Pinterest Tips and Articles Board, let me know!

You’ll notice that this list is a mix of top blogs, niche blogs, mass media, and small business blogs which will give you a well-rounded perspective on the marketing opportunities and tactics available to you. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Should Your Business Be Marketing on Pinterest?

The first question you might ask yourself is should my business even be playing around with Pinterest? Take a look at the following awesome resources to help you make your decision.

Pinterest By The Numbers

Do you need numbers to help you decide? If so, these numbers should be enough to get you off the fence!

Marketing Tips and How-To’s

If you’ve decided to jump in (it’s pretty easy to get started so why not?), then you’ll probably want to accelerate your learning a bit. How do the best marketers use Pinterest? Well, I’ve gathered some amazing resources for you. Take a look below.

Nitty-gritty Pinterest Hacks and Tips

In addition to the marketing strategies, here is a set of detailed tips and hacks you can apply to help your boards get noticed.

Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

If you’re a blogger, Pinterest can be a boon for your blog. Learn from other bloggers what’s working for them!

Pinterest Case Studies

It always helps to have real, tangible examples to follow. Check out set of case studies below.

Pinterest Infographics

Where would we be without inforgraphics? Here is an amazing set of infographics that include facts, data, trends and other tidbits.

Pinterest Tools

With Social Media, there are always apps, tools or add-ons that make the experience of using any platform richer. Take a look at the following articles about Pinterest-related tools.

Spammers and Brand Impersonators on Pinterest

Something that you need to be aware of – as a user and as a business – is how scammers and impersonators are using Pinterest.

Pinterest Copyright and Skimlinks

What’s a Social Media site without a little scandal or controversy? Read on about Pinterest and copyright as well as about the Skimlinks “debate”.

I hope you got a lot of value from these resources. Each of these came from my Pinterest Tips and Articles Board where I curate the best Pinterest articles on the Web.

Remember, if you’ve written a great article about Pinterest and Marketing (or business), please put a link to it in the comments…

Let me know what you think about Marketing on Pinterest!

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Denise Wakeman

Wow! This is a terrific resource, Tom. I will pin and share. And, thank you for including my post on your list…blog (and pin) on!


Thanks Denise and I appreciate the pins and shares. No problem about including your post!

Ryan Hanley


I use Pinterest quite a bit… I created a series called the Content Creation Curation (see CommentLuv link below) as a visual representation of the week that was in social media. Every Friday I post a recap of what I’ve collected during the week.


Also Pin-a-Quote is also an excellent tool for collecting Online Quotes…


Ryan, Thanks for sharing the link to Content Creation Curation!


OMG not pinterest post again 🙁

its been on each and every blog nowadays


See Ampit. I’m providing a service by aggregating the old good ones rather than adding yet another Pinterest post! 😉

Tomislav Savo

Thanks Tom. Great stuff in one place all about Pinterest. Shared it with my friends at the Face Book Group Pinterest Bulgaria. Thanks for the links. Very useful. 🙂


Thanks a lot Tomislav. I appreciate it!

Lynn Brown

This is an amazing resource you have put together here Tom! I am enjoying Pinterest and always looking for more information about this platform. Appreciate you taking your time to put this together and sharing it with us!

Tom Treanor

Thank you for the comment Lynn and I’m glad you liked it!

Alison Gilbert, Digital Age Storyteller

I have written two blog posts about Pinterest. There is also documentation from and about Pinpuff. I had 18 resources for my first post and got quite a bit of responses. http://digitalbrandmarketing.com posts from 3.17.12 and 3.24.12. Thank you very much for your resource guide. I also plan to continue writing about Pinterest. I just learned today that some people are sponsored and paid to pin corporate brand info. Disturbing but verified. This next bit of info came through an e-mail, is hearsay and NOT verified. Have you heard anything about original image copyrights being violated and people selling other… Read more »

Alison Gilbert, Digital Age Storyteller

By the way, I was delighted to see that you had pinned one of my boards (which I have since reorganized) and a link to the multi-author blog I wrote my Pinterest posts on, http://digitalbrandmarketing.com. Thanks!

Tom Treanor

Thanks Alison and no problem for pinning your boards and post. I thought I responded already but I also pinned one more of your articles. Keep it up!


This article presents clear idea in favor of the new visitors of blogging, that really how to
do running a blog.


Thank you for sharing this post. I think this post will help me understant pinterest much closely and will get me targeted expectations.

Toby Bloomberg - /tobydiva

This is a terrific resource. Thanks for putting it together. As you suggested, here’s a link to the interview/case study I conducted with the Israeli agency and brand manager of the Kotex Pinterest campaign. Thanks for the opportunity to pass it along to your community. Interesting insights and learnings. http://bit.ly/H4eyEr

Tom Treanor

Thanks Toby for sharing the interview. I read it and you got some great details on an innovative campaign that’s gotten a ton of press. I appreciate the comment!

Tom Treanor

Great to see you hear again! I pulled your comment from spam so sorry to be getting back to you late. Yes, Pinterest is really good for visual brands or service providers. But if there’s any good visual connection you can make, it can be valuable. I’ve used it by collecting infographics and pinterest articles and it’s worked well for me so far without too much effort. I agree with you about the danger of social media overload though so I’m keeping it simple.

David Kaufer

Great list – what a terrific source of information, thanks for compiling!

I would also add this new news/article aggregation site: http://www.PinterestArticles.com




Thanks David for the addition to the list!


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