Social Media Marketing for Brick & Mortar Retailers

Social Media

For anyone in small to medium businesses, there are many aspects to consider when it comes to ranking your business. If you’re online as well as having a physical presence, you need to consider factors such as SEO in order to positively impact on your rankings and drive more traffic. For a retail specific brick and mortar business, there is also the issue of social media marketing and the time required to focus on it to gain benefits. Running a store means you have quite a few things to worry about apart from social media marketing. As a result, sometimes social media marketing gets moved down the list of priorities. On the contrary, if your business does not have an online presence, is it even necessary to invest in social media?

The folks over at Storetraffic think it is something that needs to be carefully considered and so they have put together this useful infographic which covers the whole aspect of social media marketing for offline operations. It explains where businesses need to direct their focus and efforts in terms of social media responsibilities as well as the advantages involved in social media from a business point of view. It explains the intricacies of Google My Business and how to use it plus lots more. You’ll find the full details below.

Author Bio

Patrick Thuot is Vice President of Storetraffic. Storetraffic provide software and hardware to businesses who wish to use people traffic counting data to improve their service levels and more.