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Social Media For SMBs 101: How to Find Social Media Success [2019]

From chatting with your friends on MySpace and remotely liking their photos on Facebook to whining about your package getting delayed on DHL’s Twitter timeline, social media has come a long way. Moreover, it isn’t going anywhere, at least not anytime soon.

Social Media, one of the many unsolicited children of the Internet, is now a hard-coded reality embedded into almost every individual’s life. Businesses have become smart & progressive, and the people have realized that social media is not anymore just a mere platform for people to flex about their lives and share their vulnerabilities. It’s a complete hub tailor-made for their business to grow and find success.

Statistics are a significant part of any business, giving profound insights into data points that otherwise would get overlooked. The best part of statistics is that its aggregated data analyzed to find specific patterns and behaviors. Social media opens a pool of available statistics to its users like the ones included in the below infographic by ShareKit.

This infographic provides business with valuable insights derived from statistics collected through social media performance and engagement rates. Knowing what social media platform and strategies work best for your business is like having the ball in your court already, now it is up to you how you plan to play with it, to maximize your success.

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