10 Social Media Agency Business Plan Pitfalls

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You are creating a social media agency business plan for your clients. While using social media for your own business is second hand, how do you transfer these skills over to your clients.

The right plan should avoid these common pitfalls.

Avoid these 10 Common Social Media Agency Pitfalls

1. Failure to plan – Nothing is worse than just winging it for clients. The biggest failure you could have in planning out your business is not planning at all.

First, your clients probably expect you have to a plan in place based upon your experience and knowledge.

Second, as you grow your social media agency, you need a plan to help new employees know the best methods for helping your clients with social media.

Creating a plan allows everyone to be on the same page, and also understand what the goals and objectives are for each social media campaign.

2. Spread yourself too thin – Next, avoid social media everywherism disease. This is where you plaster your clients’ accounts on over 120 different social networks.

Why? Because you would not want them to miss out on one social network for their business. Just because you can do it, does not mean you should.

Research has proven over and over again that it is more beneficial for companies to focus on a few good social networks that bring in results then to spread themselves over social media.

Publishing everywhere speaks of desperation, and also shows how little you know about your clients’ target market and the specific audiences of each social network.

3. Quick fix – Most social media agencies receive at least one or two clients who expect the moon. They believe that social media is part of the internet, and since the internet moves fast they should see results yesterday at 2 PM.

However, that is not how social media works. Your social media agency is there to create a long-term relationship with prospective clients and current customers. To do this, you have to spend time gaining their trust.

This does not happen overnight. It is best to avoid those looking for a quick fix. They will generally not be happy with the fact that your company took 6-12 months to succeed, when they expected it to happen in 2-4 weeks.

4. Do it tomorrow – The next challenge that many social media agencies face is that many clients think they can start tomorrow. Especially with the holiday season now upon us, you get a number of latecomers who want to market their business to consumers to receive holiday traffic.

The truth is that the companies that receive the most success with their holiday marketing started planning for the holidays as early as July.

Make sure you let your clients know that if they want to wait for tomorrow to get started today. Otherwise, they might be disappointed with their results.

Let me reiterate that social media is not a quick fix. Therefore, you need to spend time in advance building up your social network.

5. Adapt – The one constant in social media is that whatever you did yesterday will probably not work as well tomorrow. That is because the rules and social networks are constantly changing.

For example, a few years ago you could connect with a significant portion of your fan base without paid ads on Facebook. Now, paid ads are just another part of your marketing mix as organic views of your content continue to plummet.

Similarly, Periscope, Snapchat, and Blab were not even a glimmer in the eyes of their founders 3-4 years ago. Now they are some of the fastest-growing social networks in the world.

Keep up to date with social media, so you can continually help your clients make the right decision for their needs.

6. Service, Not Sales – The key to social media is that you use a two-way communication style. The easiest way to talk to prospects is to be of service to them.

While social media is a great microphone for your business, you should focus on using it as a way to demonstrate how you can service your clients. Let them know how you pay attention to what they say, so when you are ready to sell your products they know you care.

7. Social Media Isolation – Make sure that you integrate social media with the rest of your clients’ marketing plan. Creating content is one thing, but if you do not create content based upon events that occur in the company you might be missing a key opportunity to garner business for your clients.

8. Inconsistent – Ensure your clients use your services on a monthly basis. You are not some type of hired hitman that comes in whenever they need a clean up job. You are a professional who needs to provide on-going services to ensure that your clients needs are met.

Too often companies hire a social media agency to create content and then stop the following month. Then take them up on their services a few months later. This type of social marketing is not helpful at all.

Your social base should expect a certain level of content from you. If you do not deliver, you could lose whatever momentum you have built up already.

Plus, on a bit of a selfish side you need a continuity of income, so you can spend more of your time working on your clients’ projects instead of prospecting for new business.

9. Low Man on the Totem Pole – Next, do not assign the lowest person on the totem pole to your clients. The best campaigns happen when you have a team that works together to ensure the campaign moves smoothly.

This means you can have an intern or new employee working on components of the campaign. However, you also need to be involved with the strategy and analysis to ensure everything moves smoothly.

10. No Tracking – That brings up our final point. Are you tracking the results of the social media campaign? If not, how do you know if you are moving towards your goals? The more you track, the more you know whether your campaign is producing the right results.

Furthermore, you could discover how certain forms of content outperform others. Then you can focus on that content and dump the non-performing content.

Unless you track, you can never learn.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, your social media agency must come up with a plan that is tailored to your clients’ needs.

However, if you can avoid some of the common pitfalls listed here, you have a much better chance of improving the chances of success.

Let us know in the comments, what are some of the common pitfalls you committed or avoided with your social media agency.

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