Pinterest Frenzy. Will Marketers Kill It?

Pinterest comes onto the radar

Pinterest came onto my radar in a big way through a couple of groups that I participate in on LinkedIn (including my group). I decided that a good way to learn about it was to tread lightly, connect with a few friends, and curate the best articles into a Pinterest Tips and Articles board on Pinterest.

Does everybody have a Pinterest article?

Every time I saw a Pinterest article, I would pin it to the board to be shared and saved for future reading. I thought, what’s the big deal, there can’t be that many Pinterest articles, can there be? Well, turns out everyone and his (or her) brother is writing an article about Pinterest (see the latest Pinterest article from Copyblogger). It’s a Pinterest Frenzy. And part of the problem is that it’s the marketers piling in in large numbers.

Pinterest mentions growing
Pinterest mentions in Google and in the News on the upswing

Will this kill Pinterest for “real” users?

With all of this interest in Pinterest SEO, Pinterest Marketing and Content Marketing via Pinterest, will this kill it for people who actually enjoy sharing and discovering pictures of clothes, art, furniture, cats, unicorns, cool products, home accessories, inspirational quotes, cityscapes, houses, movie stars, cakes, jewelry, food, shoes and babies (see for yourself)?

The “Pinterest Marketing” backlash

With all of the hype, it’s inevitable that there would be a backlash. See this discussion on Twitter last night from Ameena Falchetto. I can’t say that I disagree with her concerns. I’m not an original Pinterest user but I can see the possibility of marketers destroying a very promising and unique platform.

Is this an Irrantional Pinterest Frenzy? Will Marketers harm Pinterest?

Take the Survey below:

Rather than go into a long article about the pros and cons of Pinterest and how marketers should or should not be using it, I thought I’d pull together a quick survey to get your opinion.

Please take the survey below so we can find out what people are thinking about Pinterest and its future. Thank you!

Feel free to let me know your additional thoughts in the comments as well (including what other questions I should be asking).
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Jason Fonceca

I’m on pinterest ( ), and I love it.

I’ve always been hugely visual and one of the main things I’ve wished the other social media sites had more of was imagery.

I see it like this:
Like every. new. communication. channel. Marketers/advertisers/businesses will of course be involved. And like every new communication channel, there’ll be a period of societal ‘adjustment.’

Seems simple 🙂


I like your point about societal adjustment. Like adding a new animal to the group. Do it too quickly and the original members may devour or chase off the new one!

Sonia Winland

Pinterest is a great site, but I mostly use it for fun and nothing more. I am not sure I want to actually make that into something where I mix business with it. I love using it as a way to express and show my interests. Visual beauty through images always get my vote. Do I think its played out? Time will tell, but it sure is fun to use.


Sonia. That’s great and how I guess most of the original members use it. We’ll see if increased attention will change it. Thanks for stopping by!

Terrie Marcoe

If the owners of Pinterest did not see/expect marketers to use the base(no matter HOW much they kindly asked people not to be self-promoting), then the reaction to their platform ought to have been a bit of an eye-opener. But of COURSE they knew. What they also likely knew was that the growing majority of emarketers do understand we must engage the audience, not bleat AT them(as was done in the days of radio, television and print marketing). Someone once told me “Rules are made for people who need rules>” I believe the polite requests from Pinterest to not self-promote… Read more »


Thanks Terrie for the great input on this post. Yes, we’ll see what added functionality (like blocking users) Pinterest puts into place. With a small team they’ve got a lot of attention (most good, some not). It will be interesting to see where things go from here.

Stephanie Lockyer
Stephanie Lockyer

Pinterest is the most happening thing currently in the social network market and is also attracting lot of new people. To be honest I learned something new in this post even if its my first time to know.

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