The Revolutionizing Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media Marketing

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The Revolutionizing Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media Marketing

Just like in other aspects of human life, Artificial Intelligence is influencing social media marketing in many ways. So great is the significance of AI in this sector that some of the world’s largest brands are implementing it. Companies such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have run great AI-based social web marketing strategies.

Due to the increasing demand for social network marketing that utilizes Intelligent Systems, many firms have stepped up to offer this service. Presently, there are companies that help businesses to scale up by engaging their target audience on social platforms. Some of the active companies that can help your business gain more traction on social websites include such giants Engagement Labs, Amazon and Twilio.

So what have smart computer systems brought forth in social network marketing?

Implementation of Image Recognition in Marketing

With the increasing use of machine intelligence in social media advertising, images have found a new purpose. Smart technologies have enabled social web marketers to use pictures effectively to boost engagement rates. Moreover, marketers are now using image recognition software to identify patterns in consumer behavior. The point is that by using AI-empowered software, product and services promoters can target specific customers and tailor what they view on their profiles. As a result, image identification ushers in an era of targeted marketing.

Let’s take a look at how image identification works. If today you were an owner of a clothing store, you may know what your customers are saying regarding your company only if you perform a search on public social profiles/ posts/ reviews or if your brand is tagged in a post by name. However, when image identification comes in, you can identify your products in all photographs and thus gain useful insight into customer buying habits, patterns of usage, and competitor moves.

In this respect, the Cloud Vision feature by Google is an example of an image identification software. It can scan millions of pictures and pick out logos, products, and other objects that can help your social site marketing strategies.

Introduction of Facial Recognition in Social Web Advertising

Machine intelligence has made it possible for social web marketers to integrate facial recognition in social web advertising. For instance, Facebook uses facial identification to make the tagging function easy. In turn, it saves users who want to tag people on a particular photo a lot of time. Facebook identifies the person on the image automatically saving you from having to type their name on the photo.

Marketers can take advantage of this feature by automatically tagging people on the pictures of their products, logos, and so forth.

Revolution in the Use of Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Chatbots have helped advertisers on social sites in multiple ways. They have eliminated all the guesswork from marketing making the process more efficient. See, a while back, marketers had to gamble when promoting their products or services on social platforms. There was no knowing what content would work and what would fail. However, bots have helped marketers to perform in-depth analysis of various posts on social networks that are related to their niche. From the evaluation, they can learn what content to put up on their social web accounts for maximum engagement with their customers.

Away from that, bots have enabled advertisers to predict the probability of their posts succeeding on different social platforms. They allow for comparison of posts on the various social sites thus helping marketers to pick up the best practices for attracting more consumers. So are you a YouTuber, DJ, startup owner, or any other person interested in marketing your brand on social platforms? Well, make use of bots. They will help you avoid any guessing, and they will significantly boost your chances of creating effective social web marketing campaigns that appeal to your customers.

Improvements in the Social Listening Process

Improvements in the Social Listening Process

Social listening refers to the process of tracking conversations around specific words, phrases, or brands and using the information gathered to find opportunities or write content that targets a particular customer demographic on social networking platforms. Through social site listening, the marketer finds an effective way of interacting with customers in real time and thus learns how to tailor marketing campaigns to get through to them better.

Some of the tools that can help you learn some of the significant happenings within your industry or in your company are Mention and Sprout. If you want to refine this data to get useful recommendations on what content to create, consider using Cortex.

Enhancement of Influencer Marketing Strategies

There are more than enough reasons to include this influencer marketing to your marketing campaign. This strategy is a popular promotion technique that uses influential social website users to push brands.  However, in as much as this trend is an effective marketing tool, it must be used in the right way to see the maximum gain. Machine intelligence is now being used by many brands to choose the right influencers for particular services or products.

You might be wondering why you need smart systems when choosing an influencer. The thing is that there are millions of influencers on social networks, and not all of them are ideal for advertising your brand. Manually sifting through suggestions of influencers to work with is downright a daunting endeavor. Since you are in business, you want to save valuable time and work with the influencer that will ensure you get maximum return on the investment. To see this to fruition, it is imperative that the influencer selecting process is as meticulous as it can get. And what is a better way there than using machine intelligence?

Smart technology will help you to go through all possible influencers for your brand in minutes while giving you suggestions of the best fit.

Development of Social Networks Competitor Analysis

As with using any other marketing channels, businesses also want to understand what return or benefit they are or will be getting from their investment on social web marketing. Plus, they want to know how their brand marketing is fairing in comparison to competitors’ businesses on social platforms and the industry as a whole. Without machine intelligence, analyzing your competitors’ social profiles can be grueling or highly subjective.

AI-based competitor analysis, which we can also refer to as competitive intelligence, is a time-efficient and accurate way of gaining insights into the competitors’ content performance. Machine intelligence models can be used to examine large amounts of data from competitors to flag outliers.

Competitive intelligence tells you what people on social sites are saying concerning:

  • Your brand as compared to your competitor’s brand: What are your customers’ impressions of your brand? What is the impression that your competitor has created about theirs?
  • Your products in comparison to your competitor’s products: You may be surprised to know that what consumers like about a competitor’s product is not what you had actually thought. AI-empowered software gives you that information and helps you gain a competitive advantage.
  • Your brand as compared to your business category: Competitive intelligence can help you bridge the gap between the specifications of your product/ service and the real-life benefit your customers get.

It is quite difficult or even impossible to get these insights from traditional research. What such a survey tells you is how much your competitor is selling in comparison to your sales. That is only a small part of the picture – competitive intelligence assists you to understand much more about your competition in minutes.

Better Content Optimization for Social Websites

Before you think about optimization, you must first know how to create excellent and engaging content for your business. It is content that increases your sales, SERP ranking, and brand awareness. You can also think about creating automated content for your marketing using smart computer systems as doing everything by hand takes a lot of efforts, time, and also money.

Content creation can sometimes be created by a virtual assistant or Chatbot. Some of the content that can be created using these smart machines include earning reports, news headlines, webinars, interviews, and many more. Good examples of machine content creators in existence are Wordsmith and Quill.

AI-based systems are also helping marketers and businesses in conducting content optimization. Optimizing content requires you, as a marketer or business owner, to understand the needs and preferences of your audience, the weaknesses, and strengths of your competitors, and social websites trends.

What is more, machine intelligence can help you examine large social sites’ data sets to understand the right combination of video, photo, and text to use to get the attention of your audience. With machine learning, you can also decide on the most effective way to invest your promotional budget. Instead of distributing your investment equally on all posts, you will be in a position to know the best posts to promote. Many businesses are already using smart systems to get insights on how to optimize their social content best.

Consumer Intelligence Advancement for Better Behavioral Predictions

Consumer intelligence is important for a business because it helps the owner understand customers better and tailor products or services to their specific needs. At the same time, AI algorithms can be used to gather more information about prospective and existing customers. These algorithms then analyze the collected data to give predictions of the future customer behavior. Some businesses are using these forecasts to create targeted content and messaging and delivering them to customers through email marketing, bots, or content on the business’s website. By 2019, it is expected that more people will be confident with machine learning implementation across all businesses.

By implementing smart systems, businesses have been able to send customers the right messages at the right moment solely based on these customers’ past behavior. To know which type of content would be appealing to a certain customer, intelligent systems analyze things like websites the customer has visited, scan blog posts or emails they have interacted with during a particular time. Plus, these systems are so effective that businesses using them can also tell when a customer is disengaged from their brand.

Satisfactory Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is at the core of any businesses’ goals. In fact, research has shown that about 60% of firms consider customer service as their priority in all operations. To achieve high satisfaction among customers, companies are trying to improve their customer service. With the development of Artificial Intelligence in marketing, businesses can now give the best service to their customers.

For one, businesses are using smart systems such as bots to provide round the clock customer care. Without these systems, it is not possible for companies with a wide customer base to provide prompt service to all the customers that contact them for help. However, most people expect a quick response – ideally within an hour. Businesses are now increasingly leveraging machine intelligence to predict, detect, prioritize, and solve customer problems.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The impact of Artificial Intelligence can be felt all around us. If you use LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, SIRI, Google, Alexa, Netflix, Pandora, email, and so on, then you have already interacted with machine intelligence. Marketers stand to immensely benefit if they leverage this tech effectively in social web marketing. Adopting these systems will help a marketer improve the experiences of customers, boost brand loyalty, and earn ROI.

For the reasons highlighted here, you have absolutely nothing to lose but much to gain if you chose to implement machine intelligence in social network marketing. After all, a study by Accenture concluded that using expert systems in marketing will raise profits by 38% and increase revenue by USD 14 trillion come 2035.

So, it is high time you started using AI in the Internet marketing for business.

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