How to Almost Triple CTR with B2B Facebook Ads

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For the social media marketers, all such campaigns on Facebook mean a lot! Right? Well, why shouldn’t it be? Facebook is ‘The Most Popular’ social media platform nowadays. But, you might have sometimes gone through some bad experiences with your B2B Facebook ad campaigns.

The things like bad conversions, low CTR etc. might have hampered you abruptly!! Well, I can vow that you are not the only one who could have gone through such a situation. Many other marketers have probably experienced the same at some or other point of their career. Thus, we can often hear from the B2B marketers that Facebook is of no use for them!

Now, let’s just bust this myth in this article!!

Do you know that a basic Google form survey can be used to market a team messenger on Facebook?  But, now the question that might arise is that why should one use the Google form for B2B?

But, yes! It can be really helpful. All that what it does is let the marketers understand who are their potential customers, then craft an effective and ultra-smart Facebook advertising campaign and that’s it. You just have to wait now for tripling your CTR!

What should you avoid?

If you want a perfect ad copy for a Facebook B2B ad campaign then you ought to ensure that your ad campaign is not becoming a victim of some of the most common mistakes that exist around.

Let me break down what can exactly go wrong!

  • Broad targeting can be dangerous! For example, your targeting structure shouldn’t be like Interests > Additional Interests> Software (Primary competitor).
  • If the images are unremarkable while having almost nothing same as the products will definitely go in vain.
  • A proposition which is absurd will make no sense as it will fail to be outstanding.
  • An ad copy which is not perfectly descriptive by nature.

If by any chance, you commit the aforementioned mistakes then both of the CPC and CTR would abruptly get affected.

So, what should be your strategy?

A solid background for a rich,  effective, and successful B2B campaign lies in the smart targeting of a totally granular audience.  You should keep in mind that your audience should be as granular as possible. Now, how would you come to know who your ideal customers are? It’s simple!

Just ask your target audience and a Google Form can exactly help you to do so. You should further complete the SWOT analysis of your competition at the time when you tend to start working on Facebook ads. Also, just ensure that you are coming up with an in-detailed comparison chart which is lining the competitor’s missing and receivable features.

But, only this information won’t be sufficient for you and your team to get the answers to some crucial questions which are as follows:

  • Which kind of companies are actually paying for using team messengers?
  • Which team messenger features do the people like most?
  • Who can set up in a company with the help of a team messenger?

Apart from only these queries, you might get curious about some more insights!! So, in such a scenario, what you need to do is just put together all our questions in the Google form. Now, you need to choose a distribution channel for your survey.

Which platform would you prefer for that? Well, as per my knowledge and research, if you are a B2B company then LinkedIn would be the best for you and when you would be on that buzzing professional social media platform then you need to take the following strides:

  • Send out invitations to your prospective customers
  • Ask people who have added you to their network about their interest in your products
  • Take a short survey for those who have shown their interest
  • Send a link with the survey while expressing why it is so important for you
  • Thank them who helped you and make a promise that you won’t disclose any personal information ever

That’s all!! It is pretty simple. Just do this and you will definitely get a lot of surveys which will help you to understand how you should upgrade your business and even sometimes let you get some unbelievable insights.

Go for a magical advertising optimization

Now, when you have such data in your hand then it is the right time to craft unique Facebook campaigns while integrating all such information.

How can you do it? Here are a few effective and practical steps to be followed:

  • Target the right customers while adjusting your ads with respect to job title, company size, and genre of the target audience.
  • Do experimentation with the various types of an ad copy and go for the best ones.
  • Showcase your products and focus on the benefits of your services.
  • Make separate ad types for mobile and desktop placements.
  • Opt for testing the bidding strategies.

Summing Up

So, you’ve now seen that Google form survey can really have a huge impact on your CTR and CPC. Isn’t it? The use of such a survey can lead to several profitable results like in-detail knowledge of the market, increasing the click-through rate, and even understanding the procedure of scaling up the Facebook Ad efforts.

However, although I won’t be able to pinpoint what you should include in your ads, what kind of images will do wonders for you and so on. You just have to remember the aforementioned detail as a background, do some potential A/B testing, and finally just tweak!

Author Bio:

Neil Helson is the marketing manager at Blurbpoint Media, SEO and digital marketing company. He is passionate in helping small businesses and startups grow online.

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