How to Make a Flawless Social Media Marketing Strategy

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How to Make a Flawless Social Media Marketing Strategy

The internet has integrated itself so deeply into our lives today that everything we do, think about or plan to do is strongly influenced by it some way or the other. Unlike the old days, the internet has also proven itself a strong competing ground for businesses in every domain. And with the growing competition every day, one has to take some serious measures to make sure your business stays afloat. Here is where the idea of social media marketing strategy comes in. Pretty much everyone in the world is connected through social media and using this insight to your advantage is the best way to promote and excel in the industry.

Here is a plan for forming your flawless media marketing strategy.

Step 1: Get your objectives and goals straight

It is important that you get your social media marketing goals and objectives figured out before going ahead. These should be in line with your business’s goals and objectives and should complement your overall marketing strategy. By doing so, you are basically preparing a safety net for your business and yourself. This way you will be able to make direct amends to specific areas in case something goes wrong or understand where your success is coming from.

Your goals and objectives should be realistic and achievable. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push ahead but it also doesn’t mean that you downplay yourself. They should go beyond the realm of basic re-tweeting and liking or sharing. The best way to get started is by jotting down at least three objectives and seeing where it goes from there.

Step 2: Let’s Audit

Auditing your social media usage is like doing a thorough inspection of the cargo. This way you will be able to understand who you are connecting to, where you should invest more efforts and time, and how are you doing compared to your competitors. An audit helps you understand every social media channel that you are currently using and how it’s affecting you overall. It also leads to creating specific mission statements for every channel that you are employing. For example, use Instagram for internal business promotions.

Step 3: Social accounts- creation or upgrade

Once you’re done with your audit, you know where you need to specifically focus on. Choose the social media channels which you feel will adequately align with your set objectives. Then, if you already have them set up, then start refining and tweaking them, and if you don’t, then it’s time to start from the ground up. Every social media channel is audience specific which means you will have to alter your game plan for every channel. Play around with different profile structures and organizations until you feel you have come to the right one.

Every profile should be optimized through SEO in order to help generate more traffic. Moreover, using different channels can help you promote your business as well.

Step 4: Fix your content plan and calendar

Content is what highlights who you are and what you are pitching forth. Your presence on the internet is determined mostly by the content you choose to share with the world around you. At the same time, it is important that you understand what content will work for what channel best.

There should be a content marketing plan structured specifically in line with your objectives and the audience that you are catering to. In order to do this, you will also require a calendar to keep your presence always appreciated. Moreover, with a calendar you can know when you have to post next and what you are posting. This way you will also get a chance to work on catchy phrases and messages which seem to pull the audience in your direction.

Step 5: Test it. Evaluate it. Adjust it.

To be the best you have to constantly keep evaluating your performance and making amends to it. A stagnating marketing strategy will not bear any fruits. Therefore, once you have your marketing base set up, make small amends and sees where it goes. These will help you broaden your scope and eventually help you bring in new business as well.

It’s also a good idea to seek insight not just from technical tools about how you are doing, but also from your followers and visitors. Such personal insight is sometimes important to revamp your whole look as well. Because it has been noticed that occasionally businesses are so caught up with themselves that they are least aware of what is happening and what is attractive around them.

Social media marketing is an art. Knowing your game strategy is very important for your business to flourish. With the right tools and the right attitude, your business can reach great heights. But it is not possible if you are not investing the right resources, efforts and time alongside.

Brooke is an author, tech and parental control expert. She writes about latest tech news and social media norms. She blogs at TheOneSpy. Find latest android spy to make sure digital parenting for teens. Follow her on twitter @brookechloe78.


  1. Social Media Marketing perform well when you go for paid marketing otherwise it will waste of time becasue you cant target your niche people and niche market.

  2. Hey Chloe,

    Well, it is essential to have a better social media strategy as many of the companies are witnessing great improvement in the leads.

    How do you automate social media strategy? What tools do you use?

  3. Its a rally nice blog . Nice sharing to 5 tips for this article tips. its really nice and valuable tips..

    I cannot know which strategy is best for social media marketing. but this article tips is clarify me how can i make a flawless social media marketing strategy..

  4. Great post. There are many factors like a good script (content), fun characters, suitable brand colors etc. Every each and minor thing can make a flawless social media marketing strategy

  5. this post is really helpful and i like your idea of auditing our social accounts. Definitely i will do that in future
    Akash Singh

  6. “There should be a content marketing plan structured specifically in line with your objectives and the audience that you are catering to. ”

    I’m slowly and painfully learning this part. Thank you for the article.

  7. I think another important thing you need to have for a successful social media strategy is defining your social media persona. This is especially useful if multiple people are handling your social media account or if you’ve outsources your social media marketing to an digital marketing agency.
    You don’t want to send out messages in different tones and confuse the user so this is a must for any successful long term social media strategy.

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