How to Know If Facebook Messenger Marketing Is Right for You

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Digital marketing is always evolving, with new ways to promote businesses popping up every year.

Facebook Messenger marketing became talk of the town with its promise of even greater results over older methods.

It’s now one of the most influential marketing tactics today, and it’s only growing in popularity and relevance.

While not that many businesses have taken full advantage of it yet, more are starting to be swayed by its enormous potential.

In this piece, you’ll learn more about what Facebook Messenger marketing is and if it’s right for promoting your business.

The Rise of Instant Messengers

Before we get into what Facebook Messenger marketing is, let’s first look at how we got here in the first place.

Online chat was once limited to the desktop and other methods of communication were at the forefront.

But now that instant messengers are accessible to almost anything connected to the Internet, they’ve taken over. Just about everyone with a smartphone most likely uses one, and most of those people are using Messenger.

Soon enough, entrepreneurs and marketers came up with the idea to market on it, and they saw that it was good.

What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Simply put, Facebook Messenger marketing is using Messenger to reach people at scale with targeted messages.

This is done with the aim of creating relationships with them and to promote your products and services.

It’s like email marketing in that you send messages to their inboxes, but email is more detached and delayed.

Facebook Messenger is real-time conversation between you and the receiver, so that interaction is more instantaneous.

That makes Facebook Messenger marketing more engaging, much higher open and click-through rates than email marketing.

Facebook Messenger marketing has been growing over recent years as it’s continually developed to better fulfill its purpose.

Why is Facebook Messenger Marketing Important?

Experts say it’s the new way to do business and is set to become the world’s biggest marketing channel in the next 5-7 years.

This massive optimism towards Facebook Messenger marketing is not without substance since the platform does have 1.3 billion users around the world.

It would be foolish not to tap into that massive market and carve a niche out for your business there.

But right now, as of 2019, few businesses have taken the plunge into actual marketing in Messenger.

Most businesses have a contact in Messenger button on their Facebook pages, and that’s about it.

While they do use Messenger for customer service, they do little in terms of marketing their products and services to their contacts.

Business that use Facebook Messenger marketing attain 70-80% open rates, compared to just 5-10% average in email marketing.

Those who stick with more traditional marketing methods are definitely missing out.

Chatbots in Facebook Messenger

If there’s anything that really makes Facebook Messenger marketing different, it’s the use of chatbots.

The functionality that chatbots add is tremendous, and it goes beyond just conversing and responding to inquiries.

Chatbots can also ask questions, gather feedback, send chatblasts, and segment audiences.

It can even schedule tasks, receive sales orders, send traffic to landing pages, and so on.

Whatever you want it to do in chat, it will be able to do it by itself when triggering conditions are met.

They can also learn on the fly, so it gets better and more intelligent as it responds to more inquiries.

That versatility, coupled with machine learning, makes the chatbot a valuable tool for Facebook Messenger marketing.

Companies like MobileMonkey offer easy to use chatbot builders to help brands automate and imrpve lead generation on Facebook.

Your use of the chatbot for your business also makes it unique as it learns what kind of customers patronizes your business.

Of course, chatbots aren’t unique to Messenger, but the ability to market in Messenger is where they can really shine.

Having a chatbot deals with most of the busywork can make your digital marketing a lot less tedious.

Using a chatbot in your marketing campaign can greatly increase your reach and conversions, and thus boost revenue.

Facebook Messenger Marketing and GDPR

Keep in mind that with any sort of marketing that involves you getting into someone’s inbox, there will be regulation.

It’s no different with Facebook Messenger marketing, and it’s not just Facebook who seeks to regulate it.

In May 25, 2018, the European Union implemented the General Data Protection Regulation, the GDPR for short.

It’s a set of laws put in place for data protection and privacy for all citizens of the EU.

The GDPR is the reason why many websites started having notices of them using cookies to store user information.

Having your Facebook Messenger marketing campaign comply with GDPR is crucial to its continued success.

If you don’t comply, Facebook has grounds to shutting it down and even banning your Facebook page.

To comply, you must satisfy three basic criteria in order to make sure your campaign isn’t too spammy and disruptive.

First, you should have a clear opt-out for the contact to consent to so they can stop your messages anytime.

Second, you should have that opt-out stated in your opt-in message, like “Type STOP to unsubscribe at any time.”

And third, you should know how to remove a user from your platform so they can be removed upon request.

As you can see, these criteria are all about giving the user a clearly-defined choice to opt out of receiving messages from your campaign.

It’s not just about complying with rules and regulations, but also making sure your campaign is still ethical at the very least.

Why You Should Consider Facebook Messenger Marketing

As mentioned before, Facebook Messenger is one of the biggest instant messaging apps in the world, with 1.3 billion users.

Messenger is now a primary channel for many businesses, and some even take orders and make transactions within it.

And yet, Messenger is still growing and becoming even more interactive, which marketers have since taken advantage of.

Because of that, Facebook Messenger marketing is also growing and becoming more established as a marketing channel.

Facebook Messenger marketing gets 8 to 12.5 times higher clickthrough rates compared to email marketing.

As a result, it can also generate 1.6 times more revenue, thus making Facebook Messenger marketing potentially indispensable.

This is especially true for businesses that make prodigious use of online communication and social media.

If there’s anything that should convince you to work with Facebook Messenger marketing, then this should be it.

It’s not a be-all-end-all marketing solution, but merely one of the means you can utilize to promote your business.

Facebook Messenger marketing is something you can add to your overall digital marketing strategy.

You can then prioritize that when you see it’s actually producing significant results over time.

If online communication and social media are significant parts of your business, then you should consider doing Facebook Messenger marketing.