How to Boost Brand Recognition on Social Media with Custom URL Shorteners

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Promoting a brand on social media is not a low hanging fruit, seriously!

Ask people who put a lot of efforts into creating and making every piece of content well-researched and informative for their audience, but it hurts when that content doesn’t get the intended clickthroughs.

It is confusing and disappointing, no doubt.

Therefore, to boost your brand recognition on social media, creating quality stuff is just the halfway; you need to optimize everything from title and keywords to featured image and URL.

Yes, URLs are crucial!

Whenever we post something on social media, we start counting its views and shares. Though they matter, however, your motive should be to get your URLs clicked by maximum online users as much as possible.

No need to worry, as you can make it possible by optimizing your URLs with the help of URL Shorteners!

URL Shorteners? What The Heck Is This?

A URL shortener converts an original URL into a more reduced format. In other words, it turns a long URL into short. Various URL shorteners allow you to track the number of clicks you receive on your URL.

Now, take a glance at some popular URL shorteners that let you create custom URLs for your social media posts:

  1. – A Hootsuite’s built-in URL shortener that lets you shorten links, uploads images, track real-time clicks. Further, you would be able to post to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.
  2. – It is Google’s official URL shortener that lets you know the number of times your link has been clicked. Apart from this, you can use this powerful tool to gather all the crucial information regarding your links.
  3. – One of the most famous URL shortening service that lets you track the number of online users clicked on your link. This URL shortener tracks all clicks, even-non-human clicks.

Need For URL Shorteners?

One of the biggest reasons to use URL shorteners is to overcome the difficulty in tracking real-time engagement or clicks you receive. Normally, when someone publishes something on social media with a long URL, they aren’t able to track how many people have clicked that link, but not now!

Online tools like and have made tracking easier than ever. Now, you would be able to see your click through rates. On social media platforms like Twitter, it saves character space.

Another crucial reason is to make posts more meaningful includes that audience notices everything in your post whether it is keywords, content, featured image, and URL.

Therefore, it is better to get recognized from the links you share on social media. And you can do it with the help of URL shorteners. A URL shortener makes your links branded.

Now What Is Branded Short Links?

On different social channels like Facebook and Twitter, you might have noticed ugly links like,, or various others.

People hesitate to click these links as they look untrustworthy, ugly, and unpronounceable. If you include these kinds of bad looking links to your posts, people would barely click on it.

Therefore, start using URL shortener to boost your brand recognition and click through rates (CTR).
A bitly study revealed that branded short links could boost CTR up to 34 percent.

Without a doubt, branded short links matter because it establishes a connection between your message and content. It makes your posts meaningful.

For instance, take a glance at this:

Amazon screenshot

Or make it even better. See below:

Pepsi screenshot


It is true that brand links are still not so important aspect of social media, but it is something that increases brand recognition and CTRs.

Now, take a glimpse at the reasons to use branded short URLs while posting content over different social media channels.

To Make Links Readable

Make your links legible to improve your posts. It will help your buyers get the clear perspective of your posts. They will be aware of the URL they would be redirected to. So, next time while you will be putting all your efforts on creating compelling content, an interesting featured image along with the title, make sure you make your links readable for your target audience.

To Boost Shares

Well, who else don’t want to boost shares on social media posts?

However, no one will share your posts until they pronounce and remember them. Therefore, start using custom URL shorteners to boost your view-through conversions. It is something that describes the number of online users who view a link, do not click on it, but visit content later.

To Make Your Content Easy Recognizable

Make your efforts worthwhile by making your content easy to identify. Use a branded domain shortener to take ownership of your links. A well-defined URL makes your content valuable and gives a unique identity. If someone reads your content and finds it useful, he/she will surely remember your content and wait for the next installment. So, make your content easy to recognize.

To Increase Brand Recognition

In today’s competitive digital space, marketers leave no stone unturned when it comes to promoting their brand and gaining tremendous brand recognition. A branded link clears the clouds of confusion regarding who has published the content. Gradually, online users will start noticing and associating with your content which in turn will maximize your brand equity. Without a doubt, URL shorteners help brands achieve significant affinity.

To Boost Credibility

Once people start noticing your brand and social media posts, you will become a credible source of information in your niche which means your posts will get less link hovering and more clicking.

Based on the interest of your online users, you can create branded domains associated with the types of content you create. This way, people will have the idea about the links coming from you due to your branded URLs.

Closing Point

Today, social media marketing strategy has become powerful than ever and is constantly evolving. No wonder why different social media platform has become the prime destination for marketers when it comes to promoting their business.

You spend all your precious time in drafting valuable stuff for your readers, then why don’t you spend a little more on branding your links. So, next time when you create a quality content, do remember to use URL shorteners to boost your brand recognition and at least, to receive a good CTR.

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