Guidelines for Effective Social Media Branding

Guidelines for Effective Social Media Branding

Nowadays, having a strong social media presence is a must for every business or brand. This can be useful for customer acquisition, reputation management, customer service, public relations and networking. Here are some guidelines for effective social media branding:

1. Select the right platform

When it comes to selecting a social media platform, you need to go for the ones which suit your brand image and allow you to reach your ideal audience. Here are some of the platforms you might want to consider:

  • Facebook – This network boasts a very diverse user base, from teenagers to professionals. Therefore, it can be suitable for promoting any kind of brand. However, avoid the temptation of always ‘selling’ on your Facebook page. Instead, take a time to build strong relationships with your customers and prospects.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn offers a great opportunity of connecting with other professionals in your industry. There are numerous discussions and groups where you can ask questions, seek advice and share your expertise. Since it is not a very visual platform, it is more ideal for service providers rather than retailers and manufacturers.
  • YouTube – People have a general love for visuals. YouTube offers brands a great opportunity to reach their audience with videos of their products or services. For instance, you can post videos showing how a product works, or how it is manufactured. Alternatively, you could share videos of your customers using your product. If your video is creative and professionally done, it can easily generate thousands of hits, thus boosting your brand’s popularity.
  • Twitter – Twitter is ideal for brands that would want to send messages to their followers directly and on a regular basis. This could be through frequent questions, updates, and breaking news.
  • Pinterest – This social network allows its members to post or pin photos or graphics on their boards. Your viewers can then share your images as well as leave comments on your boards. Pinterest is, therefore, ideal for visual-oriented brands or businesses. This could be anything from foods and fashion to interior decoration and travel.

2. Be consistent

When it comes to social media branding, consistency is very important. Having a consistent feel and look for your profiles makes it easy for people to recognize your brand across different networks. Here are some of the areas where you need to have consistency:

  • Colors – Most of the popular brands use the same colors for their logos, text and images. For example, Google uses green, red, yellow and blue in its logo design. Therefore, you need to select an appropriate color or set of colors which accurately represents your brand. Make sure the colors you choose evoke the right kind of feelings in your customers. For example, if you have a youthful brand, you might want to use red to symbolize boldness, passion, and excitement. To get advice about the best colors for your brand, you could consider hiring the services of a professional designer from sites such as CarbonMade, Upwork, Designhill, 99 Designs and Behance.
  • Fonts – Just like your colors, your choice of the font should accurately represent the personality of your brand. This font(s) should then be used consistently across all your social media profiles. To get an idea about what kind of fonts to use, it would be advisable to take a time to learn about typography.
  • Imagery – All the images used in your social media profiles should have a consistent theme. There are thousands of stock images you can choose from, some of which can be accessed for free. However, it would be advisable to create your own image library with custom imagery that fits your brand. To further ensure brand consistency, be sure to use the same filter effects for all your images.
  • Layout – It is very important to use the same layout for all your social media posts. For example, your logo should appear in the same position every time it is used. One of the best ways of ensuring a consistent layout is by creating a template. You can use tools such as Visme, FotoJet, Enlight and Magisto to create amazing templates for your social media posts.

3. Provide great content

The best way of building your brand on social media is to provide valuable content which your viewers will want to share. Don’t just share content for the sake of it. Make sure all the content you share with your audience is useful and consistent with your brand image. To get an idea of what would be popular in your industry, look for topics which have elicited a high level of social media engagement. Tools such as BuzzSumo and Fanpage Karma can help you identify content pieces that have performed well. You can then write content revolving around the same subject matter.

4. Take advantage of influencers

Though publishing great content social media is vital, it is not enough. You need to ensure that your content reaches as many people as possible. However, if your brand is not very popular, your content could easily end up getting lost in the crowd. Since building your own audience can take a very long time, you can promote your brand by leveraging the influencers in your industry. Here are some of the ways you can do this:

  • In your content, be sure to mention the names or websites of some of the top influencers in your industry. You could then email them to notify them about being referenced in your work
  • When posting content on your social media profiles, tag a few influencers. This will enhance the chances of their followers viewing your content

The main aim of taking such actions is to encourage influencers to share your content with their social media followers. However, building strong relationships with them could take some time. But if you continue offering quality content, someone will eventually pay attention.

5. Make use of paid campaigns

Paid campaigns are one of the best ways of enhancing the visibility of your brand and generating leads. This can be especially useful if your brand is relatively unknown. Most social networks allow you to choose the exact demographic you want to reach, as well as the timing of your campaigns. To encourage engagement, you could consider offering your audience incentives such as discounts on your products or services.

These effective social media branding tips are bound to help your cause and drive your target audience closer to the sales funnel. Have any other tip that you want to share with us? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

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