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5 Google+ Promotion Strategies for Your Business

Google Plus MarketingFacebook and Twitter may be the acknowledged giants in the world of social media, but anything launched by Google certainly has the ability to be a game changer for your business, and the Google+ social network is no exception. Like any social website, it has the ability to connect you and your business to millions of prospective clients; similarly, like any social website, it also requires something of a unique approach when it comes to making the most of it.

Leverage Google+ into something that will help you to take your professional endeavors to the next level with these five strategies for effective social media promotion of your business on Google+:

1. Utilize Circles Effectively

One of the things that differentiates Google+ from other social networks is the ability to separate contacts into “circles,” those groups of people with whom you regularly connect and share with on the website.

First, take the time to create a series of circles that effectively categorize the type of people and businesses that you want to connect with, from competing businesses to collaborative partners to clients. Once done, begin to fill those circles by connecting with other businesses. While Google+ won’t allow a business page to circle people without them first being circled by that person, the number of businesses that you can connect with isn’t limited, so this is an excellent first step in spreading your brand across the network.

2. Always Be Highly Responsive

The main reason to get your business on Google+ is to allow customers, both existing and potential, to connect with you more easily, and that means that you’ll need to put in the legwork to ensure that people have a positive experience with you on your new social page. To this end, always be sure to be respond to questions and comments posted on your Google+ page in a more than timely manner, proving to your fans that they made the right choice in adding you to their circles.

Besides ensuring increased success with first-time visitors, you’ll also soon find that you have a page that reads as a commitment to your product or cause, enticing future visitors to stick around in order to find out what else you’ve got to offer them.

3. Cross Your Google+ Page With Other Social Offerings

While you may only now be getting onto Google+, your business probably already has a presence on more popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and now is the time to put those profiles to use in the name of establishing yourself on Google+.

First, announce your new social page using your existing accounts, letting your current followers know that there’s another place where they can connect with your business. Once done, be sure to quickly engage those users on the platform of their choice if they have questions or comments about your announcement; this will help them to realize that you’re not simply another business throwing up endless empty profile pages because they have to, but rather one that takes it social networking responsibilities very seriously, with a potentially beneficial end for any and all visitors.

4. Utilize Communities, Hangouts, and Other Google+ Features

Google+, like Facebook, offers a variety of unique features that aim to bring people together in different ways, most notably communities and hangouts. In order to help your Google+ fans to connect with you more easily, make your brand available via every social aspect of the Google+ network; besides getting you in touch with others more easily, this will also prove to those already in your circles that you take the platform very seriously.

Google hangouts, in particular, can prove to be very helpful in connecting with your new Google+ fans by allowing you to build conversations that are built not just on text, but on an array of multimedia and unique communication methods.

5. Promote Your Google+ Page

Now that you’ve got a fantastic Google+ page to offer your fans and customers, the time has come for you to spread the word via your content. This can involve several different promotion tactics, most notably placing a prominent link to your Google+ page on your main website. You could show off those already in your circles, allow your website visitors to share your content with their own circles with a single click, or simply provide a link directly to your Google+ page; with all of the different choices for interaction on the network, your options really are quite extensive.

While the internet itself provides the easiest means of advertising your Google+ presence, don’t leave out other potential goldmines of customer outreach. If you utilize other forms of media, such as television or print advertising, simply including the image of the Google+ logo on the medium is enough to encourage those already on the network to look you up if they’re interested in your offerings.

About the author: Anna Fox is the writer addicted to self-improvement. She is running a blog where you can find dozens of tips for increasing productivity. For spreading the word about her ideas she is using Viral Content Buzz – free social media platform for content promotion.

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Great strategies. You should be very active in google+ if you are planning for promotion.

Anna Fox

Thanks, Hines. As for me Google+ is one of the most interactive networks. And it’s fact that being active is the key to success in all spheres of our lives. So in promotion of your business it works perfectly in each and every social media community.

Vatsala Shukla

Good tips, Anna. Thanks! I have a question about point number 1. In the case where one set up a G+ profile first as an individual and then the business page, can one post the same content on both while waiting for connections on the individual profile to circle the business page? Would Google penalize one?


Top tips!
I hadn’t been using G+ until now, social media has really become a power business tool.

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