Exploring The Power of Logo Detection: Brandwatch Introduces ‘Image Insights’

Social Media

Living in the era of the customer, learning what they say, think and how they act in relation to your brand is essential.

Over the last decade, there’s been an increasing urge for companies to get the full picture of their customers to better understand their behavior and cater to their needs.

To meet that challenge, text-based social listening can be extremely important.

With that, brands can easily track what their clients, prospects, and community are saying about them, their products, competitors or the industry as a whole.

However, by only monitoring conversations, businesses are missing out on a big part of the conversation, as research shows that 80% of images that feature a brand’s logo does not include written mentions of the brand.

When an image of your logo or product is shared, it reveals information you wouldn’t normally have access to just by listening to text-based conversations. You can find out where and how your products are used and what people associate them with.

With logo recognition and image analysis, you can begin to understand the full context behind the mentions of your company and point to vital consumer insights that would otherwise be missed.

To help you move beyond text and have access to millions of additional visual data points, the Brandwatch team have created the world’s most accurate logo detection software, which they’re integrating within their Analytics platform. This means users will be able to blend together and analyze written and visual data, compare, contrast and extract unique insights.

Brandwatch’s AI technology is powerful enough to find your logo anywhere on the web and help you answer important business questions such as: How are consumers really using my product? What’s the ROI from my advertisements? Is my logo being misused? How am I doing in comparison to my competitors? etc.

Sharing images is just one of the ways your customers are mentioning you and tapping into that previously omitted wealth of data, equipped with a best-in-class logo recognition tool, can help you make smarter business decisions and crush your competition.

If you are still wondering how image analysis can add to your strategy, contact Brandwatch to book a free consultation with an analytics expert.