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Holiday Online MarketingBy Jason Kane

For e-commerce businesses, the holiday season is the when sales generally see a dramatic increase, sometimes even two or three times the normal amount. But while the holiday season does bring an influx of consumers on its own, there are other ways businesses can take advantage of the shopping season.

Instead of sitting back and waiting for shoppers to come bearing their credit cards, e-commerce businesses need to be proactive and use social media as a tool to skyrocket sales. Here are just a few simple ways for business owners to use social media to entice consumers to their online storefront.

1) Post Information On Social Media

It may seem completely obvious, but you’d be surprised how often sales go unnoticed (or significantly underperform) because a company failed to mention it on their social media site. This is especially true for companies who may have gotten into the social media game a little more recently and are still learning the ropes.

It’s a very simple premise: The more people you tell about your sale, the better you’ll do, and social media outlets are the single most simple and effective way to do just that. Don’t spend all of your time coming up with a monster deal only to have it fail because you forgot to tell anyone about it.

Remember, you also need to post other interesting content (e.g. pictures, articles or tips) in addition to sales information or people will quickly get bored of the promotional posts.

2) Hashtag Mania

While using hashtags as a promotional tool isn’t exactly some new and innovative idea, using them properly during the holidays can go a long way towards earning you more and more exposure.

Now that pretty much all of the major social networking sites have adopted hashtags, there’s no reason at all to ignore then. And the best part is that there are any number of ways that you can utilize them.

During the holiday season, holiday-themed hashtags should be the name of the game. Things like #holidaysales, #giftideas or even just #christmastime will help guide new and old customers to your site to find the gifts they’re after.  Go to Hashtags.org and see how frequently certain hashtags are used (e.g. http://www.hashtags.org/analytics/christmastime/)

3) Entice Consumers With Coupons

Coupons are a simple way to entice consumers and increase sales, and social media makes getting them to your customers easier than you may think.

The growing trend of digital coupons makes reaching your customers easier than ever before. Now, instead of just posting little plugs or ads on social media, businesses are able to hand out special offers that can help drive traffic to their site or even into their brick and mortar locations.

Not only that, but by asking customers to share a post or like a page before giving them the coupon, business can simultaneously grow their online following and engage more and more people. Plus, your customers get the benefit of a great deal. Everyone wins!

4) Get Customers Involved

The whole point of social media is to connect with customers, so why not get them a little more involved?

Reward frequent and loyal customers with shoutouts. Ask your customers to share how your products are a part of their holiday traditions. For example, if you sell furniture, ask them to share pictures of their family on the couch on Christmas morning.

Get creative! Your business is about connections, and this a great way to make them.

5) Dont Overdo It!

And finally, while putting your holiday social media campaign together, remember one final word of advice: don’t overdo it.

If you flood your customers’ feeds with your sales-related posts, they’ll just hide your updates along with the rest of the spam that they get. Try to limit your posts to one a day, perhaps two if you actually have something substantial to say and (as mentioned earlier), mix in informative posts or pictures that are not pushing product!

Social media should be a part of any business’ marketing plan year-round, but especially during this busy time of year. Don’t miss out on any opportunities for sales this year!

About the Author

Jason Kane has spent the last two years working in social media. He is also a professional blogger and recommends Webgistix for all e-commerce order fulfillment needs.