5 Social Media Tools Startups and Small Businesses will Find Helpful

Social Media

Marketers are largely investing on social media marketing to grow their business. According to a Social Media Examiner report, 92% of marketers out of 2800 surveyed in 2014 said that social media marketing is crucial for their business. The report also indicates that 80% of marketers found social networking helpful in increasing their website traffic while 72% said that social media helped them develop loyal fans.

This also justifies why 8 out of 10 small and mid-sized businesses are jumping on the social media bandwagon to increase their ROI. But to be successful in social media marketing efforts, you need a consistent shared strategy. Also, remember that these social networks are a wasteland of productivity if you don’t know how to manage them.

Instead of wasting your time on Facebook and Twitter, incorporate these 5 tools to build a strong social media presence for your startup or small business in this digital age.


A smart content discovery tool, DrumUp helps you scour the Internet to find the content relevant to your industry. This tool searches content on the web in real time based on your keywords. Using sophisticated algorithms, DrumUp recommends fresh content that interest your users. In short, you will have a personal social media manager with this tool.

Moreover, you can use this tool as a central dashboard for all your social media profiles. In fact, DrumUp claims to save your “Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin management time by 90 percent.” You can manage multiple social accounts simultaneously from one single dashboard and also tweak their settings based on your preferences. It even allows you to edit and schedule posts from your list of suggested contents as well as add posts to the queue.DrumUp


Struggling to write a better blog headline? KingSumo is the tool for you. If you are into business blogging for long, you are already aware that blogs largely depend on headlines for attracting new readers. Still, we have only depended on our creativity and instinct until now. But with KingSumo you can A/B test your blog headlines to grow your WordPress traffic.

Its WordPress headline testing plugin allows you to create 2 to 10 test headlines right in the editor for each of your blog posts. After you publish a post, this headline testing plugin will also rotate your test headlines to determine the best performing one. The headline rotation is automatically adjusted so as to display the winning headline more frequently. The best part is that you work ends once you have added the test headlines as KingSumo does everything automatically.

It also grades the performance of each headline you’ve added. The process of selecting the winning headline is also very simple. It simply selects the headline that gets the maximum number of shares. If you send email updates to your subscribers on a regular basis, KingSumo’s headline testing plugin is definitely worth investing. Use your best performing headline as your newsletter’s subject line and see what differences it makes in your open and click-through rates.



Collecto is a dedicated tool for Instagram, letting you manage your photos and other activities within your account seamlessly. If your social media marketing plan includes Instagram, this tool is definitely worth a try. Apart from managing your photos and organizing them into albums, Collecto also allows you to run photo contests for brand promotion. And there is more. It provides insights and statistics to help you determine the effectiveness of your campaign.

In addition, Collecto provides stats for your profile and for people you follow on Instagram, if they too are using this tool. Considering the benefits this tool offers, their client list is also quite impressive. From Armani and Dolce e Gabbana to Lamborghini and Audi, a lot of top-tier brands are using Collecto business tools to engage with their customers.



Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, hashtag management needs no introduction today. A lot of businesses are now using custom hashtags for their community. If you too are leveraging the power of hashtags to reach out to more number of people on the web, Tagboard is a great tool to explore.

This is a hashtag-based search engine using which you can discover social mentions and other related content. It searches and collects content from social media like Twitter and Facebook in real time. All you need to do is register your custom hashtag on Tagboard along with a description. Once you claim a hashtag, Tagboard will display your hashtag and the description and image associated with it.

In addition, it will pull content from general users who are using your hashtag and complete them in one single place so that scroll through them to see what they are saying.



Social media has become very visual today and this trend is likely to continue. It’s the age of memes, infographics and GIFs, it is obvious that interesting images get the maximum engagement and sharing on almost every social network. But it is hardly possible for all businesses to hire a dedicated quality designer unless of course, it is a big house with a huge social media audience that crave for top-notch images.


That said, we don’t mean startups and small businesses should shy away and deprive themselves from leveraging the power of visual content. And Canva allows you to do it, for free. Anyone can be a designer with this tool. It offers image templates along with a host of editing options so that you can create photos within minutes. Use this tool to create visual content for your email headers, Facebook cover picture, photo collage, Twitter headers, blog and social media posts, YouTube channel art, presentations, advertisements, and so on.

Canva also offers tutorials to hone your creative abilities.


Startups and small businesses are different from larger organizations in many ways. For one thing, it is rather challenging to create a buzz around their brand names, products and services. But the advent and widespread use of social media has considerably eased up things. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube you can reach out to more number of target audience in lesser time.

A consistent social media marketing strategy can even help you establish and improve the relationship with your customers as they facilitate continuous interaction, regardless of the time and place. And each of the tools mentioned here will help you create a strong social media arsenal to boost your social presence.