5 Hacks to Drive Traffic From Pinterest in 2019

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Internet is an amazing technology and has truly opened doors that once did not exist. Knowledge, information, and data is almost readily available, all you have to do is go out there and fetch it. Although it takes a bit of searching, the task is not that hard at all. Of all the resources that get you what you want, Pinterest is a new giant in the market.

As it is a new platform for you, an example or a comparison would help you understand what it is all about. Think of Instagram, a place where people post pictures which can be related to a lot of things. They can range from personal life images to images that attract crowds and get a lot of attention. It may have only appeared as a social media platform but it has fast become a healthy bank of leads.

With a focus on distributing information through images, GIFs, and small videos, Pinterest counts as a social media platform, which has the standard web version. In addition to this, it allows users to engage via the app, which makes interaction much more convenient. What attracts attention is the fact that Pinterest is focused and is considered an effective way to engage users to generate valuable leads.

How it Works

The key term here is “pin” which takes us to pin. The idea is to share images on a “board”. This board can either be your own or of someone you may know. You take an image or a video and pin it. This pinned post usually resonates with the ongoing trend or most recent collection of pins on the board.

Other things are consistent with other social media platforms. You can follow other boards that get your attention and you can also like or comment on pins. Repining is another feature that is in line with most networks you use. You can also share your pins across platforms and attract traffic by sharing them on your website or blog.

The Potential

The aim here is to learn how Pinterest can help boost your business. The pathway that we focus on is lead generation, which starts with interest, page landings and so on and so forth. Pinterest started off in 2010 and saw rapid growth. They now get over 250 million visits a month which translates into 175 billion pinned items on over 3 billion boards. These numbers are massive and cannot go unnoticed.

The amount of traffic that Pinterest gets every month is amazing and almost urges you to take advantage of it. These numbers are from across the globe and no matter which market segment you target, you can always take advantage of a platform that contains a variety of audience. Pinterest is by far the best opportunity for you to get traffic.

Hacks to drive traffic from Pinterest

We now know what Pinterest is and how it works. We have also gathered basics of sharing, posting, and other similar details. With that being said, it is now time for us to get down to the topic at hand: How to drive traffic from Pinterest?

1. Signing Up with a Business Account

Business is all about revenue generation and big profits. When you decide on gracing Pinterest with your presence, do it the right way. If you are signing up, sign up with a business account or convert your existing one into business.

A business account comes with perks and tools that you need. Verify your website with Pinterest and you will be granted access to Pinterest Analytics. These Analytics help you track your account activity and performance.

Another advantage is that this account gives you access to the Rich Pins. These pins give you the liberty to add greater details in comparison to the normal ones. In turn, letting you express in a more elaborate way. These are broadly categorized under these heads: movie, article, product, app, recipe, and place.

Here a few additional features that can help drive significant traffic:

  • Pinterest Guides
  • Marketing Tips
  • Video Library
  • Tools

2. Join Pinterest

No matter how deep we go, how many tips, tricks, and hacks we discuss, the aim does not change. Driving traffic and generating leads. The best way to do so is by joining more and more boards. Get the  attention of your potential clients by creating more traction and by joining Pinterest group boards. They are popular and give you the attention you need.

Joining these community boards give you access to a greater number of people and help you improve your follower base at a faster pace. Create engaging pins and encourage your followers to participate in your pins. If they like your pins, it is highly likely that they follow you and they might even pay your Pinterest board a visit as well.

You might be wondering, how to find these community boards? Well, it’s easy. You could search for them and put in a good effort or simply use a tool like PinGroupie to make the task easier.

If you’re creative and want a start a group board of your own, make sure that the idea is unique and interactive. It is a great way to go and the recent updates have made it easier for you to start a group with a decent amount of group members. Once you create a group, you will get the option to add participants by searching for them with their names/user names.

3. Create Share-Worthy Images

Pinterest is all about eye-catching images that are addictive and engaging. Pinning is not enough, your images need to be optimized so that they are easily visible. Not optimizing would be similar to making SEO mistakes that hamper your brand visibility.

The next question that should come to your mind is, what makes a pin easy to spot? Here’s a small list of things that make your post a little easier to search and a whole lot pinnable.

  • The most important aspect of modern day websites and app display is image size. The image should be created in such a way that it is suited to mobile devices and laptops at the same time.

This is exactly why most images are vertical as over 80% of pinners are mobile users. What is the ideal pin size? Ideally, you should be looking at 2:3 or 4:5.

  • Pinterest is mostly about the image and less about its description. This calls for the images to be stunning, amazing and mesmerizing. If it doesn’t get the attention on the first look, chances are it won’t get any attention at all. It all about creativity, aesthetics, and colors!
  • A picture is worth a thousand words but without words, it would be less valuable. Attracting traffic back to your blog or website would require a little text with your image. This limited amount of text not only creates a perspective, but it also looks professional. The viewer gets a good impression and an exact idea of what the image is all about.

4. Engage

Marketing is all about engaging the audience. Being a social marketer, customer engagement should be your top priority. The aim should be to convert your pinners into your readers which increases your chances of lead generation. As the followers increasingly interact and engage with you, their desire to connect will increase and they will seek you not only on your blog but on other sites as well.

Engaging followers on Pinterest is easier than it is on other platforms. The following tips should help you get going:

  • Pin original and relevant content
  • Keep a schedule and keep pinning
  • Follow your followers
  • Keep checking your followers for content inspiration and interests

5. Follow Brands in Your Niche

Humans are social animals and need interaction and company to thrive. Similarly, your Pinterest cannot expand without other accounts. You need to follow at least 10-15 people or brands related to your niche. This step will help you in multiple ways.

  • It will populate your feed with relevant pins to share
  • You will be able to keep an eye on your competitors.

The search bar in Pinterest can easily help you look for keywords and there are tools available as well.

Following is nothing but just a start. When you follow them, make sure you take a good look at their boards. This will help you understand their interests and at the same time aid in identifying if they have a separate business account. The interesting part is that you get the option to choose specific boards and if you like what you see you can also follow the entire account which lets you follow all their boards.


Every business aims at attracting more and more traffic for which they look at different options. Pinterest has emerged another giant on social media and will soon become a gold mine for businesses to drive more traffic. The question starts with what Pinterest is and how is it comparable with any other platform? Pin an image give a little description use beautiful colors and you have a recipe for an attractive image. This is merely the beginning and following other people and boards provides you with great ideas and attention that can fast track your progress. Result? Greater traffic and hopefully better sales.

Author Bio:

Ahmed Waien has a keen interest in technology, digital marketing, and sports. He loves to write about these topics and stay updated with emerging trends. He regularly writes for Spectrum internet and other digital platforms.