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According to the digital marketing agency Omnicore, there are currently around 600 million active Instagram users worldwide. With so many potential customers found in one place, it’s no wonder companies are turning to social media to sponsor and sell their products. Instagram’s apparent popularity also means that this increasingly popular social media platform is also a great place for lead nurturing.

With Instagram introducing Lead Ads last February, more companies will be leveraging this new feature in their marketing strategy in a similar fashion they did with Facebook. Both platforms’ lead ads share the same features except that Instagram’s is only available on the app. But you probably already know that lead nurturing is easier said than done. According to a HubSpot article, only 25% of leads turn into sales. Luckily, a DemandGen report stated long ago that there’s an average 20% increase in sales so the effort can prove to be worth it.

But other than lead ads offering more insight into how leads turn into sales, you also need to work on ways to reach mobile customers. Today, people are spending more time on their phones than on their desktops, so everything’s becoming mobile friendly these days. Luckily, Instagram lead ads will make it easier for you to reach mobile users and that’s not only because the majority of Instagram users are using the app version of this social media platform. With that being said, here are profitable ways to use Instagram’s new feature to boost your lead nurturing strategy.

1. Combine your e-mail marketing strategy with Instagram

A leading marketing agency called Ciceron found that 83% of brands don’t make a good first impression in their e-mail marketing efforts. The reason for this may lie in the fact that the majority of internet users today see e-mail marketing simply as spam and annoyance. Most users are also bombarded with marketing e-mails from other companies, so they just choose to ignore them and sent them to the spam folder. The same goes true for other forms of online advertising, and the rising use of ad-block clearly shows that users find advertising of any kind intrusive. Lead ads are different in that way, and they may help your company collect information about your audience especially when used in conjunction with e-mail advertising. However, if your company is popular for older audiences or if you have a high number of lapsed user open rates in your mailbox, then you should consider using mail alongside your Instagram ads.

For instance, create an experience for the user where Instagram complements your e-mails or where you use them sequentially. You can do so by sending a mail notifying a user about active discounts and attaching a link to the product page on Instagram. Just make sure your e-mails are richer in images than in text because after all, Instagram is an image-based platform and users will appreciate a visual ad over a text one. Leave any unnecessary explanations about said product or offer out of your e-mail and let the image speak for you.

If you don’t think this approach would help nurture your leads, think again. A study by Curalate found that a fitness retailer that worked for Curalate and Movable Inc saw a 7-fold increase in on-site engagement after sending images in their e-mails that were first used on social media platforms, especially on Instagram. Try this strategy out for yourself and you may see greater ROI in no time.

2. Develop a strategy to target a specific audience

Just like with Facebook ads targeting strategy, the same methods apply to Instagram. Targeting with Instagram lead ads is a great way to learn more about your audience as well as what works and what doesn’t when it comes to nurturing your leads. You can start off by learning about your audience’s demographics, location, their interests, and their behaviors among many other things. This kind of information will help you create a better strategy where you don’t invest time and money in someone who is least likely to become a buyer.

Use the location setting to target people from a certain area that may be relevant to your brand. For instance, if you don’t ship your products abroad, there’s no point in trying to nurture leads not located within your brand’s borders. Similarly, learning about your users’ demographics can help direct you to where you need to put your efforts. The demographics information you may find include age, gender, work, and location among other things and keep your marketing focus on people you think would be interested in your brand. This is the same tactic you see being used in social media outreach and other marketing strategies and they’re in all cases proven to be effective.

Instagram lead ads may also help you create a list of card-abandoners. Focus on card-abandoners for your highest-value products and upload this file so that Instagram can help you A/B test what types of offers or e-mails are most successful in converting your lapsed users. A great thing about this strategy is that you can see the results within a day helping you create a better marketing tactic to finally turn your leads into sales.

3. A retargeting campaign

Consider uploading a CRM list of lapsed users that did not open your e-mails and make sure your retargeting messages reaches these people. This may be most suitable for your younger audiences who are less likely to use e-mails. Retargeting can help turn your lapsed users into leads and buyers. The best way to do so is by gaining their attention with a simple call to action. This approach resonates well with younger audiences which make up the majority of Instagram users, at least for now. Since you’ll be retargeting with the help of Instagram lead ads, make use of this image-centered platform and showcase a product that lead may have been looking at.

Most marketing experts may not see retargeting as a form of lead nurturing. However, given the personal nature of retargeting, it can make this marketing approach an effective lead nurturing strategy. And with Instagram’s lead ads, this is made all the easier for you as a brand and more attractive to users, especially younger generations.


Facebook ads have proven to be a successful marketing strategy, and now Instagram is joining in with new Instagram lead nurturing ads. Creating Instagram lead ads helps brands teach users demographics as well as behavior. Knowing these things can prove helpful when creating future marketing strategies that turn leads into sales. Directing a point towards a purchase is tough, and most are reluctant both when feeling pushed and when the company is not enthusiastic about helping them with their purchase. But the strategies explained above can assist you with just that. Combine Instagram Lead ads with your e-mail marketing campaign. Use lead ads to find out more about your audience, and create a retargeting campaign. That involves a clear call to action. This is especially true for younger readers which you are most likely to find on Instagram.

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