yandex search engine seo guide

Yandex SEO Guide- How This Small Search Engine Gives New Business Opportunities?

yandex search engine seo guide

Breaking News! There is another search engine besides Google! Many of you will react strangely but yes, it is true. It is ‘Yandex”! Probably you haven’t heard of Yandex before. But in this post, you will have a clear understanding about Yandex that what Yandex actually is and how it can help you grow more business opportunities. Basically, Yandex is a leading search engine in Russia, and due to recent legal changes, they have also closed the bridge gap on mobile. More than just a search engine, it also provides you an ultimate browser, email, paid advertising translation services, location of maps to the Russian market as well as in Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

Russian Language in connection with SEO:

If you are planning to turn your company’s phase into Russian Language, then you must consider the Russian language version of your website to attract more visitors and generate leads. You definitely had built an SEO strategy with a customized website with English language content scheme in the past. But if you are planning to build website and content in the Russian language, it’s essential to know some important facts about the Russian language that can influence your SEO strategy.

  • One of the most important salvanic languages & 5th most spoken language in the world, Russian is used by nearly 280 millions of people worldwide.
  • Russian is quite complex with various grammatical phenomenon to be adept. So, having a Russian native or good speaker or writer can boost your SEO strategy.  

Yandex Technical SEO:

Well, there are so many similarities between Google and Yandex, the Google has its own set of rules and Yandex has its own that you need to take into consideration when planning to design & develop your website in Russia.

1. Element – Internal Linking Structure
     Importance – Somewhat Important

2. Element – Meta Keywords Tag
     Importance – Important

3. Element – Header Tag
     Importance -Very Important

4. Element – Title Tag
     Importance – Very Important

5. Element – Keywords in URLs
     Importance – Very Important

Yandex Ranking Factor:

Basically, Yandex is designed to handle and develop the semantics of the country’s linguistic system. It has its own rules, regulations and working algorithms termed as Snezhinsk. This Yandex algorithm depends upon the abundance of ranking factors including unique content and quality backlinks. Apart from these two, there are many more ranking factors, mentioned below. If you implement them in an effective manner they definitely grow your business reach.

  • Geo-Targeting
  • Meta Data
  • User Engagement
  • Content
  • Domain age
  • Commercial factors
  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Indexing time
  • Authority

Why Optimize for Yandex?

This is the question that comes in everybody’s mind that why optimize Yandex? So, the answer is very simple, if you want to target the Russian market to generate more leads relying on the fact that your website is well optimized for Google, consider this at least once. In 2018, nearly 65% of Internet users in Russia chose Yandex than Google to conduct their online searches. So, this is a good opportunity for you to attract Russian customers towards your business by optimizing Yandex and its strategies. Regardless of the fact that Yandex algorithms are not much popular like Google, there are some factors that make it hard to outsiders to fit in.  When we look at the bright side of Yandex, it has few pros:


  • It is very easy to use because it is similar to Google
  • Less sophisticated algorithms and  are also easier to optimize
  • Yandex is even popular on Android
  • As there is less traffic, competition is lower both in the organic & paid search.
  • It has a small and responsive customer care team.
  • In case you suspect that your site has suffered a penalty and have faced some issues, you can write there, and most likely to be sooner, you will receive prompt feedback.
  • Its algorithm might be able to better account for spam
  • Yandex is far better than Google in indexing sites in Russian

Well, it’s the basic intro part about the Yandex, hope now you will have an understanding of this search engine too that you can also use it. But the main part that we need to discuss here is how this small search engine gives new business opportunities. So, let’s discuss some important points about on-page SEO for Yandex and how its algorithms can boost your business in Russia and worldwide.

On-Page SEO for Yandex:

Yandex works according to the different algorithms that ensure users are met with high-quality & understandable content, useful information they have been looking for and matching all their search intent. This process began a few years back through an unknown update in Yandex SEO optimization that slightly introduced new ranking & variable weightings for search queries including single and multi-word.

> 8-SP1

This unknown and unnamed update was initially followed in 2008 by catchy “8-SP1” – the first-named algorithm. In Yandex’s history, during this time, the majority of the websites with older versions ranked higher due to their age and this algorithm mainly worked to modify that scenario, to give newer and better quality domains more of a fighting chance to rank for top positions. Apart from it, this algorithm also changed the way how backlinks were weighted as a ranking factor, in the sense that it reduced their power & effectiveness. 8-SP1 was also followed by various smaller quality algorithm changes, one of the most popular from those is Magadan (2008). Magadan basically enabled the search engine to understand abbreviations, as well as begin to identify the difference between commercial & non-commercial queries and uniqueness of content.

TIC (Thematic Index Citation)

Yandex makes use of this Thematic Index Citation score to identify whether a website is receiving targeted popularity, relevancy, and infer authority. Thematic Index Citation score ranges from o to 150,000, and higher than this specific range, score means website quality is higher. Similar to Moz’s Domain Authority metric, the Thematic Index Citation score does not reflect how well your website ranks on the top search engine, never does it count as a ranking factor. If you have low TIC score right now and you want to improve it for Yandex seo optimization permanently, then you need to ensure that you have:

  • Well-optimized & high-quality content that satisfies a user needs just like Google.
  • Make sure the content you are posting is relevant to what you offering to customers as services and what they try to find out in your content.
  • Internal links that add value to the user and they find it quite useful for that search intent.

Local SEO

If you’ve targeted Russia, then Yandex local SEO may also work well. As per the size, Yandex local SEO can work slightly different than Google. With Yandex webmaster, you can easily specify the region and exact location you are targeting and from a user’s point of view, geo-targeting searches is a useful part of getting optimum results.

Geo-Targeted Optimization:

Yandex pays the most of its attention to a geographic analysis by implementing a new algorithm a few months ago named as “Arzamas These Days” or indicators. It provides different results for different users based on their regional geographic location. These indicators thoroughly analyze your website’s domain name, exact location by IP data, locations assigned when registering on the Yandex directory and highly enrich content-related features written on the website including, address, ZIP codes, area codes etc.

So, these are the Yandex SEO optimization algorithms that will not only help you to optimize SEO strategy but also help you generate more leads, strengthen customer base and boost brand/business awareness.

Wrap Up:

If you are planning to start a business or have already started, planning to target Russia, then Yandex is the best way to get started. As you see, there are some important considerations to keep in mind, but the overall principle are results are good to target Russia. Companies looking to expand their reach on internationals levels should make use of right targeting strategies and right tools. By implementing Yandex and following Yandex SEO guide, you can be getting ahead to best results and unexpected ROI. So what are you waiting for? Get started with Yandex now and beat the target that you plan to achieve in 2019.

About The Author: Stephen Forde is the CEO of Media Fortress, a digital marketing & web hosting firm. He helps clients grow their web visibility through all aspects of digital marketing.


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