Why Your Tech Startup Needs an SEO Content Strategy (All Shiny Objects Eventually Get Dull)

Why Your Tech Startup Needs an SEO Content Strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Why Your Tech Startup Needs an SEO Content StrategyEverybody loves a shiny new tool.

That includes the press, bloggers and tech junkies.

This means that new startups with a unique solution to an old (or new) problem can quickly become media darlings.

Becoming featured in Forbes, Inc, Business Week, Tech Crunch, Mashable, and on and on.

You get the picture. When your tech startup comes out of double secret stealth mode and onto the scene, it’s easy to get press if you have a story. An angle. A “cool” factor.

But what happens when you’re no longer the New, New Thing?

What happens when you’ve been around for a few months? How do you capture and keep that momentum from the coming out party?

I hope you’ve been building SEO into your plan from the start.

Designing an SEO-friendly site, creating a strategic SEO Content strategy, and tying your PR and Social Media efforts to this strategy can keep your tech startup from sinking into obscurity when the press stops writing.

It’s not something to develop AFTER the media frenzy. It’s best to do it from the get-go so all of the media mentions support and build up your SEO.

I hate to cite wisdom from the Shark Tank, but I will.

The Shark Tank is my guilty pleasure show (and I know I’m not alone in this..). On the show, Mark Cuban consistently asks entrepreneurs who come on the show the following question:

“Okay. After the PR phase is over, what will your startup do to stay top of mind with customers?”

Mark Cuban, The Shark Tank (paraphrased)

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Most have no plan.

They think the PR frenzy will go on forever or that the sheer quality of the product will allow it to market itself. Or that the company’s raving fans will do the marketing for them (even your hardcore fans move on and get less enthusiastic over time…).

What’s your plan to stay top of mind and to be found, once the press has moved to the next shiny object?

Does your tech startup have an SEO Content Strategy?

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