6 Tools to Organize and Optimize your Digital Marketing Strategy

6 Tools to Organize and Optimize your Digital Marketing Strategy

With each passing year, digital marketing is getting more and more sophisticated, creating the need for equally sophisticated tools. One may have an excellent marketing strategy, but in the absence of right tools implementing those efforts will get challenging severalfold. The same way, right tools without proper planning and strategizing will prove no good.

If there is one thing they always say at college and university, it is never copying anybody else’s work. Of course, this does not just mean your classmates. It also means the sources that you find online to complete your research. While it can be tempting to take a few sentences or studies here and there for your project, copying someone’s work word for word and not referencing them can get you into deep trouble.  Most students will not do this, but it is a lot easier to accidentally copy sources online and not realize it. The best way you can stop this happening is to use free plagiarism checker for students online. It is going to scan your document and check it against millions of other pages on the internet. It will tell you the percentage of matches content so you have the opportunity to change it. This is going to give you peace of mind and know your work is original.

Strategizing comes later, but first, you would need the right set of marketing tools. So, let’s now jump into discussing which tools are most likely to cater to the needs of marketers in the coming year, 2016.

#1. Ubersuggest – For Keyword Suggestions

Keywords are the lifeline of SEO, and choosing the right ones for your business website seems like a daunting task. But, you don’t need to take the difficult route. A tool like Ubersuggest will make keyword selection a child’s play. It takes keyword researching to an altogether new level by displaying unlimited suggestions in an expandable format. The list of keywords is displayed with the option to sort/view them alphabetically as well as numerically.

The tool is all the more helpful in finding the right set of keywords for ‘niche-based’ writing, which is what the SEO has become all about lately.


#2. Open Site Explorer – For Technical SEO

Having the technical know-how of a website, how it affects SEO ranking and placement, and what all aspects of it are directly linked with optimization are pivotal for any marketing campaign. That’s what a tool like Open Site Explorer comes handy for.

Open Site Explorer is a powerful tool that provides link information within the web pages. The information it offers is related to Just Discovered Links, Established Links, Page Authority, Domain Authority and a lot more, specific to a particular URL. In addition to that, it provides a host of additional useful information which can be grouped into Top Pages, Anchor Text, Linking Domains, Inbound Links, Link Opportunities, Compare Link Metrics, 404 Errors, Meta Information, Spam Analysis, etc.

Open Site Explorer

#3. BuzzSumo – For Content Ideas

Content is the king, and you need a king-sized tool for providing the finest suggestions in this department. After all, this is the cornerstone to all the marketing efforts and we need the best of the best for it.

BuzzSumo comes handy in collecting all the influential pieces of information from across the web and present it in a meaningful way. It takes into account competitive analysis, industry research, etc. related to the topic and presents the most valuable content related suggestions. It also follows social media channels to find authentic pieces of data/info, club them together and provide a collection of useful content related suggestions. There is a back-link feature too that allows viewing which websites are linking to the most popular content.


#4. Ahrefs – SEO Tool for Backlink Analysis

Everyone keeps saying link building is old news, it’s out of the picture, and what not. But, let’s get real. The techniques have only changed over time, having moved towards more organic ways, but the practice is still far away from becoming obsolete. Quality link building practices still continue to be a major factor in obtaining better rankings. And, Ahrefs is a popular tool that helps in the same department.


Ahrefs is a highly sophisticated tool, perfect for viewing backlinks, analyzing them, and interpreting the data received in a smart way. There are tons of features to it, some of which are:

  • Backlink analysis – Just input a URL to get info on the number of total backlinks, Ref pages, Ref subnets, domain types, etc.
  • Data interpretation – To interpret the data, Ahrefs sorts the backlinks on the basis of ALR ratings (the number of visitors who visited that link during a particular month). This feature makes it easier to sort out quality links.
  • SERP analysis – For every URL, the tool displays top hundred SERPs for search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google.
  • Domain comparison – Ahrefs lets you analyze where your website stands against all the major competitors in the industry.

#5. Google Search Console – To monitor your website and search traffic

Marketing efforts can go waste if you fail to monitor their effectiveness from time to time. Knowing how a site’s ranking behaves according to changing marketing strategies is the only way to find out which particular set of strategies is working out best.

Google Search Console is the perfect way for marketers to monitor search traffic and see for themselves just how fruitful their marketing efforts are proving. With this free service by Google, marketers can learn about a lot of stuff related to a website such as the number of people visiting it, and how they are finding access to the website. Other than that, one can also learn whether the site is being visited more frequently on desktop computers or mobile devices. Google Search Console also lets you find the most popular pages of your site, so you can better your marketing efforts accordingly.

Google Search Console

It also helps in finding and fixing website errors, submitting sitemaps, and checking robots.txt file. Search Console offers excellent and detailed information on the performance of a site. Search Console provides you with all sorts of incredibly detailed information and insights about a site’s performance.

#6. CognitiveSEO – Tool for Link Removal

Link removal becomes a crucial practice for sites that have been penalized by Google for any reason. Even if a site has not been penalized, it pays to get rid of links that are not considered quality anymore by search engines.

CognitiveSEO is the perfect tool for detecting unnatural links and removing them. In addition to that, marketers can also use it to get help with rankings, backlink analysis, content auditing as well as research related to their competitors.


Each one of these tools is amazingly helpful for every marketer out there and is a must for them. The list is not exhaustive. There may be tons of other tools that will speed up your marketing efforts. But, these six are sure to be some of the most incredibly useful ones.

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Meagane Richards
Meagane Richards

Thanks for the great article! I would add some other free options for keyword research, as you will need plenty of keywords for your content: – first of all you should frequently scan question boards like Quora for user generated questions in your topic; – for the same aim check Serpstat free version to get questions people ask of search engine (you should navigate to question only button in search suggestions menu; – add keywords from keywordtool and ubersuggest as well; – after that you might need to check the popularity of keywords in Google Keyword Planner (to strip off… Read more »


Some excellent tools. Recently I’ve been using OpenLinkProfiler which gives some amazing insights for a free tool. Of course they have a premium version but for a basic analysis its more than enough.


Did you try It allows you to check your content on plagiarism and achieve your goals.

filza khan

its reall amazing post. through this site i understand tools work its awesome. thanks for shearing great post.

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